Jeremy Kyle Show psychic infuriates man after she claims he stole from his girlfriend before lie detector reveals he’s innocent – leaving viewers shocked


A JEREMY Kyle guest felt seriously stitched up when a psychic accused him of stealing from his girlfriend on today’s show.

Ninja was brought on the show by partner Leah to find out who had stolen her daughter’s dolphin necklace.

Jeremy Kyle guest Ninja wasn’t best pleased when a psychic accused him of stealing from his girlfriend on today’s show

Leah had enlisted the help of Jeremy and his all-important lie detector to find out who the culprit was.

And it wasn’t just boyfriend Ninja in the firing line as son Leo, sister Chloe, brother-in-law Billy, neighbour Natasha were all on to the show for the test.

All of course protested their innocence – especially Ninja who was also furious that his girlfriend’s psychic was already blaming him.

He told Jeremy the psychic had told Leah that the thief had a missing tooth and smoked marijuana.

Ninja’s girlfriend Leah was on the show to find out who had stolen from her daughter
A psychic told Leah the culprit had missing teeth – with Ninja missing half a tooth

Leah’s son Leo [pictured right] was later unmasked as the culprit

Ninja on the other hand had half a missing tooth but the psychic claimed it was a close enough.

Later speaking to Jeremy via a voice link,  she claimed the thief was somebody who had a missing tooth or even “half a tooth” like Ninja.

Fortunately for him, the lie detector test proved his innocence and revealed the shocking truth that Leah’s son had stolen it as revenge for being put into care.

But while it seemed everybody had their answers, Ninja wasn’t satisfied and wanted the psychic to get a telling off.

After denying the lie detector result, Leo admitted stealing the necklace to get revenge on his mum for putting him into care

He said: “I’m not happy about this psychic. She’s sent her things before making her cry.”

And the audience were equally peeved by the supposed psychic, with one writing: “That’s because psychics are full of s**t Ninja boy. .”

Another slammed: “here we go, Ninje – let’s embarrass the psychic and show her up as a fraud .”

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