Jeremy Kyle Show fans horrified as guest claims he had to tell his ‘smelly’ ex-girlfriend to have a bath before they had sex


JEREMY Kyle Show fans were left horrified during this morning’s show after a guest claimed he had to make his ex-girlfriend have a bath before they had sex.

Tony said his former flame Zoe was unhygienic and her “lady bits” had an odd smell.

Zoe’s ex accused her of being unhygienic

The ex couple were on the show because Zoe has landed herself a new boyfriend – and is pregnant with his child.

Tony claims he’s the father of the Zoe’s baby – but she insists this isn’t the case, and she  wants to leave them alone so they can get on with their life.

But it was Nick’s claims that Zoe has smelly nether regions that really got people talking.

He said: “You’re like a wet fish love! You can’t even orgasm properly!

Tony claimed he had to make Zoe have a bath before sex

“Quite a few times I had to say to her… go and get a bath. Sometimes it smelled rather vile.

“And the worst time is when she was on her ladies time!”

Viewers at home couldn’t believe what they were hearing and took to Twitter to make their feelings known.

One wrote: “OMG! Guest on Jeremy Kyle said his girlfriend had to wash herself off before sex because she was so smelly! Dirty gal! I’ve heard it all!”

Jeremy was less than impressed

Another said: “#jeremykyle where do find this people! British public at its finest.”

A third wrote: “Honestly the way these people talk makes me want to creep up my own ass, how people smell etc etc”.

A fourth said: “Can’t believe he’s got to his age and hasn’t heard of Febreze.”

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