Jeremy Corbyn's son claims hammer-wielding lookalike of his father smashed his shop window


    Back in March, Tommy’s CBD shop in Finsbury Park, North London, was graffitied with the Nazi symbol as well the store window was smashed. Mr Corbyn tweeted a picture of the alleged culprit to identify him.

    The image shows a man with a stubbly beard while wearing a dark overcoat and a flat cap.

    People quickly pointed out the culprit bears a remarkable resemblance to his own father, the former Labour Party leader.

    The shop was allegedly smashed again last week.

    Tommy’s company, National Hemp Service, which sells licensed cannabis products, tweeted: “HammerGate update: Three months ago this man drew a swastika on our window.

    “He came back that night and smashed the glass with a hammer.

    “He was arrested, given conditions not to come near but he keeps coming back lurking around and taking pics.

    “Any tips on high street pest control?”

    The alleged swastika graffiti comes after Mr Corbyn faced a barrage of accusations of anti-Semitism while leader of the Labour Party.

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    Sharing the article on Twitter, Ms Long Bailey wrote: “Maxine Peake is an absolute diamond.”

    Sir Starmer’s decisive move was praised by the Jewish community and since her firing, Corbyn ally Thomas Gardiner also resigned from his position.

    Mr Gardiner was appointed as head of compliance by Mr Corbyn two years ago.

    He sparked controversy in 2018 after he ruled Labour activist Kayla Bibby should not be suspended from the party after she shared an anti-Semitic picture online.

    Although becoming a favourite among voters, Sir Starmer and the Labour Party are facing challenges due to the legacy of Mr Corbyn.

    Speaking to, professor Steven Fielding from Nottingham University said: “Keir Starmer is going in the right direction.

    “But Jeremy Corbyn is like a nuclear deterrent.

    “He hasn’t come out and said anything critical of Starmer yet.

    “It will be interesting as in when Jeremy Corbyn finally pipes up and directly confronts his predecessor and says, you know, this, this man is betraying my legacy.

    “If he gets to a point of saying that, it will be interesting and it will cause some difficulties.”


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