Jeremy Corbyn savaged as 'overkindness' to Russia puts Labour in 'uncomfortable' position

The Intelligence and Security Committee’s report on Russian inteference in the UK has prompted questions over failures to take action and the next steps to take. However, the release has left the Labour Party in an “uncomfortable” position, according to BBC Today host Justin Webb. Mr Webb grilled Shadow Home Secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds over the deference that former leader Jeremy Corbyn showed the state.

The Radio 4 presenter said: “It is an uncomfortable area for Labour though isn’t it, because the fact of the matter is that your former leader Jeremy Corbyn was a supporter of propaganda channel, Russia Today.

“In fact, he advised people to watch it rather than the BBC.

“Many people in your party also thought Mr Corbyn was overkind to the Russians following on from the Salisbury poisonings.”

Mr Thomas-Symonds admitted that the response to the poisonings hadn’t been “sufficiently robust”.

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