Jeremy Corbyn fails to answer EIGHT TIMES when asked if he’s Leave or Remain – denies Labour’s Brexit stance is ‘muddled’


JEREMY Corbyn failed to answer EIGHT TIMES when asked if he was Leave or Remain but denied his position on Brexit is “muddled”.

The Labour boss fumed that he was not “sitting on the fence” despite constantly dodging the question in a TV interview.

Jeremy Corbyn dodged the question over Brexit eight times


When grilled by ITV’s Joe Pike over whether he was a Brexiteer or a Remainer, Mr Corbyn said: “I’m pro the British people.”

But when he was accused of dodging the question, he shot back: “I’m not sitting on the fence you keep interrupting me my friend.

“What I’m saying is this people vote Leave or Remain no one voted to lose their jobs.

“I voted Remain.”

I’m not sitting on the fence you keep interrupting me my friend. What I’m saying is this, people vote Leave or Remain no one voted to lose their jobs.

Jeremy Corbyn

When asked again what his position was, the Islington North MP said: “My position is to bring people together, my position is to let people have their final say in it between what I believe to be credible option in leaving with trade relationship or remain.”


Corbyn also denied claims that unlike the Tories and Lib Dems – Labour’s position on Brexit remains a mystery to voters.

He fumed: “It’s not a muddled position. It’s actually a position that takes the issue seriously. We take the issue very seriously.

“I’m fed up with this country’s divisions and poverty coming from austerity. I’m fed up with a government that is trying to take us out of the EU with No Deal.

“We’re going to stop No Deal. The British people will be able to make that choice between Leave with a deal or Remain with the European Union.”

Mr Corbyn, a life-long critics of Brussels, said he wants to negotiate a new deal and put it to another vote if he becomes PM.

But his indecision appears to be effecting Labour’s chance of winning at an election with a recent YouGov poll showing the Lib Dems on 23 per cent – 2 points ahead of Labour.

The change comes after boss Jo Swinson changed the party’s policy to reverse Brexit without even holding a referendum.

This week Mr Corbyn told told the BBC that he is “absolutely” ready to become PM, but asked if he was daunted, he replied: “Yes.”

Ex PM Tony Blair said his party had no chance of winning the next election as he delivered another blistering attack the Labour boss.

He told the Evening Standard that he must block Boris Johnson from holding an election until after a second referendum, saying it would be a “gamble of historical proportions” if he allows a vote before Brexit is settled.

Mr Corbyn fumed that Labour’s Brexit stance was not ‘muddled’
Mr Corbyn got frustrated when he was accused of ‘sitting on the fence’ over Brexit

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