Jenny Ryan: The Chase star shuts down ITV show rumours 'We don't dislike them'


    The Chase star Jenny Ryan, 38, who first joined the program in 2015, set the record straight on a few things about the ITV game show after being asked a series of questions by curious fans. Otherwise known as The Vixen, the quiz genius made it very clear that the Chasers don’t judge contestants who opt for the minus offer after one fan suggested they “dislike” them.

    After a viewer recommended ITV producers changed the rules surrounding taking the lowest offer on the table that would subtract from the teams overall winnings, Jenny felt the need to address the claims.

    “Only thing I would change re the format is allow the team to get rid of a player who takes a minus offer,” the fan wrote.

    “It’s a selfish act which the rest of the team have no say in at all. People would think twice if they knew they could be voted out.”

    Another viewer disagreed: “The idea of the game is to win the final chase – the amount on the board is a big fat zero if you don’t do that.

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    “We’re fine with contestants who take minus offers. Often it’s the wisest tactical decision for the team.

    She added honestly: “I like contestants less when they rule out the lower offer without considering it – and then get caught.”

    Other social media users jumped at the chance to thank her for sharing backstage secrets while some still believed the minus offer wasn’t the way to go.

    “Thanks for sharing your insights in to what is, in my view, one of the best quiz shows ever,” one gushed.


    Another user joked: “I could never take the minus offer after all the shouting I’ve done at the TV.”

    “I love it when a contestant takes the minus offer just for the reaction on Twitter,” giggled a third.

    The Vixen was also questioned about why the Chasers are allowed to interrupt host Bradley Walsh, while he is asking them questions but the contestants are not.

    But the trivia star was quick to explain what the contestants are entitled to do.

    Replying to the fan, she wrote: “That’s not correct.

    “Contestants are allowed to interrupt questions during both the Cashbuilder and the Final Chase.”

    Others shared their thoughts on Jenny’s response, saying: “Wished more players could take risks and interrupt. ESPECIALLY if the question appears easy.”

    “Contestants interrupt Brad all the time,” one added.

    The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.


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