Jemma Lucy reveals she’s getting DEATH threats for ‘flat tummy’ from mum-shamers who accuse her of faking pregnancy


JEMMA Lucy has been bombarded with death threats from trolls tormenting her about having a “flat tummy” – despite being seven months pregnant.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun Online, the reality TV star has revealed she faces a daily barrage of vicious “mum-shaming” messages.

Jemma Lucy is just two months away from giving birth after a surprise pregnancy

Alongside the size of her bump, Jemma has faced criticism over her decision to travel abroad on holiday at this stage of her pregnancy.

She has also angered fans for continuing to ride her horse while pregnant and going out clubbing.

“I’ve had people say they want me to die,” Jemma admitted.

“They tell me they hope there’s something wrong with my baby when he or she is born.

Jemma Lucy is pregnant with her first child
stewart williams

“They also say they don’t want the baby to grow up to be anything like me, and that they feel sorry for my baby to have a mother like me.

“I try my hardest not to let these trolls get to me, but those things are hurtful to read.

“Everyone has down days and if you read these trolling comments it can tip you over the edge with your emotions.”

The Sun Online exclusively revealed the Ex on the Beach star, 30, was expecting her first child after a surprise pregnancy.

On Monday she shared a snap of her posing in a bikini in Sydney, Australia,  but within minutes was ridiculed for not having a large baby bump – with some even suggesting Jemma was LYING about being pregnant.

Jemma received abuse over this picture as fans claimed she’s not pregnant

“My bump has popped out in the last few days, but up until now you couldn’t tell I was pregnant,” Jemma explained.

“It really wound me up that I was getting all of these messages asking why I didn’t have a bump and telling me I should be a lot bigger than I am by now.

“I don’t know why my stomach didn’t pop out like everyone else’s at six months. That’s just how it is.

“It’s mad how I can get trolled because I don’t have a massive, huge bump. It’s something I have no control over.

“All I know is I’ve been to all my scans and the baby is fine. The baby’s measurements are fine and its heartbeat too.”

The 30-year-old says her bump is finally starting to show


Some of the abuse thrown at Jemma has got so bad that she has had to block nasty individuals on social media.

But the 30-year-old has vowed never to let the opinions of others change how she lives her life.

She added: “I know what is risky and what isn’t. I know jumping with the horse is risky, so I’ve stopped that now, but I’ve never fallen off a horse doing dressage.

“I’m a strong-minded person and it’s important to carry on being you and carry on with your life how you want to until you feel you can’t.

“When I went out I wasn’t drinking, I steered clear of any crazy crowds and no one punched me in the stomach.

Jemma has loved horseriding since she was a little girl

“If some people had it their way I’d be sat at home wrapped in cotton wool, but if I am meant to have this baby and I look after myself, everything will be fine.

“I’m listening to my body and how I feel, not to my Instagram followers.

“But I have had some really amazing support from some fans who are always there for me and wish me love and happiness throughout my pregnancy.”

In fact Jemma is currently travelling in Thailand with just two months to go until she becomes a mum for the first time.

She jetted off on a luxurious holiday last week following the break-up with her baby’s father whose identity remains unknown.


Single mum Jemma is still living life to the full[/caption]

In a shocking Instagram rant last month, the former Celebrity Big Brother star accused him of  “mentally and physically abusing” while pregnant.

Despite now facing the reality of life as a single parent, Jemma said: “I’m having the best time of my life.

“I’m a strong independent person – I’ve realised that now more than ever in the last few weeks.

“If anything, the break up has made things easier. It’s just me now and I’m OK with it.

The Ex on the Beach star is happier than ever as she looks forward to life as a mum

“It has made things clearer so I can move forward knowing I am going to do the best for me and my baby and not have to worry about what other people think.

“I’m single, I’m on my own and loving my life.

“For the first time in a long time I’m doing what I want to do.
“I am going to be the best mum ever.”


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