Jemma Lucy bares her bump after accusing ‘toxic’ baby daddy of ‘physical abuse’


JEMMA Lucy has shown off her bump – just a day after accusing her baby daddy of physical abuse.

The reality star wore an orange silk top and striped trousers as she stepped out in Manchester.

Jemma showed off her baby bump as she stepped out in Manchester last night

Lucy accused the father of her baby of “mentally and physically abusing” her in a shock Instagram rant.

She claimed her “toxic” boyfriend of two years tried to kidnap her and force her to have an abortion.

Writing on Instagram, she explained: “I’ve kept my love life out of the public eye for the past two years for various reasons… I have been involved with the most vile, toxic man I have ever met and it’s finally come to an end today.

“Unfortunately, he is the father of my child.

She accused the father of her baby of “mentally and physically abusing” her in a shock Instagram rant

“The mental abuse and occasional physical abuse has been killing me inside, especially for the past six months of my pregnancy.”

The 30-year-old star continued: “He has emotionally broke me down! And physically hurt me for no reason!

“Today I found out he has been lying to me yet again and been seeing his ex behind my back.

“Lying to me constantly and being the cause of so much pain, leaving me in a bad state whilst pregnant.!

She made the shocking allegations on social media

Jemma claimed that the man tried to make her “get rid of” their child when he first found out that she was expecting, before changing his mind four months later and “promising a family”.

However, the heavily-inked reality star claimed that he is still “sleeping with his ex” as well as messaging another girl on Instagram.

The former Celebrity Big Brother star admitted that she is “heartbroken” as she called the man a “c***” and a “waste man”, asking: “How many chances are you supposed to give someone? How many times do you let someone batter you emotionally?

“How many times do you let someone batter you emotionally? How many times do you let someone slap you up while they try to crash your car?

She says she was broken emotionally

“I gave my heart to this man for two years, he lied and cheated.”

Continuing on her Instagram Story, Jemma wrote: “You know what’s ironic, the guy is a boxer. LOL hard man hitting girls.

“What kind of man needs to emotionally and physically abuse girls to feel better? In his spare time he calls himself ‘king’ and smacks girls and f***s with their lives. Lies. Manipulates. Controls.”

She also shared a screenshot of a message from another woman – who made the kidnap allegation.

Jemma broke her silence on the father of her baby
Jemma accused her ex partner of physical and mental abuse

The woman wrote: “Hey you should have his licence taken off him. I was considering doing the same after he hit me when he tried kidnapping my mate…

“Obviously I’ve never been with him or anything like that, he was fuming cause I was trying to get her out of the car. Hitting his baby mum.

“You’re completely better off! Do it proper and go down the legal route for it and ruin his ‘career’. Hope your ok.”

She then shared screenshots of a Whatsapp conversation that seemingly shows the man admitting to “slapping” her, also sharing a grab of his own Instagram story, with the username obscured, where he calls Jemma an attention seeker.

Jemma shared this photo of the man, with his identity still hidden
Jemma shared some more details about the man’s profession
The star shared this screenshot to her Instagram Story
The man appeared to lash out at Jemma on his own page, but she hit back

The star even posted a photo of the man but his face is concealed with a jacket and hat.

Jemma announced her pregnancy last month, telling the Sun Online that she was in “complete shock” when she realised that she was expecting, and opening up about the pregnancy-related illnesses that have affected her in recent months.

Speaking about her baby daddy’s identity at the time, Jemma added: “I don’t want everyone to guess who the dad is because they’ll never know.

“It’s someone who’s not in the public eye, someone I’ve known for a while and my situation with him has never been in the public eye and that’s how it’s staying.”


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