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James Martin: 'What on earth is that about?' Star in warning after 'horrific' discovery


Saturday Morning presenter James Martin, 47, was previously joined by guest and BBC presenter Cherry Healey, 39, as the pair tackled a passionate discussion on Brazilian bum lifts. The popular chef began cutting into a block of butter as he revealed he had recently invested time into researching the surgery.

“I was actually researching Brazilian bum lifts. What on earth is that all about?” he admitted in a high-pitched tone. 

As he turned to face the camera with an uncomfortable look on his face, James warned viewers against doing their own research.

He advised: “Do not Google that, that’s horrific!”

A bemused Cherry struggled to contain her laughter as she agreed with the TV chef over the revelation.

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The abrupt response earned a loud laugh from the audience, as James admitted: “I’m bricking it this side, I don’t know about you.” 

As Michel arranged a stunning plate of food he emphasised that James should “concentrate” on what he was doing. 

Placing freshly cooked prawns onto the plate, the host attempted to ask for clarification for the correct number to add. 

“It’s a recipe of six,” Michel bluntly retorted.


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