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James Martin: Saturday Morning chef in embarrassing weight admission 'Tried to breathe in'

While Saturday Morning chef James Martin, 48, is best known for his culinary career, some of his loyal fans will know he has been a car fanatic for 30 years. In a new interview, the ITV chef has detailed the time he had the opportunity to drive a Formula 1 car, but said he had to “breathe in” while in his racing overalls.

Speaking to racing car champion Jason Plato, 52, and radio presenter Dave Vitty, 46, on their podcast Fuelling Around, James discussed how he found himself in a “lucky situation” to race around Silverstone.

After growing up on a farm when he was younger, James explained how things changed a lot for him once he became a TV chef.

“You progress forward and you’re kind of working in London and peering through windows of all these fancy showrooms and think one day, possibly, I’ll buy myself a car,” he began.

“And then things progress and then obviously TV hits and then you move on, you progress and work.

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“But he’s all there in his overalls, looking about 12,” to which the three of them were in stitches.

Once James gathered himself, he explained further: “I looked about 24 stone in my overalls, oh my God.

“And I tried to breathe in and that didn’t really work.”

He proceeded to tell the hosts: “He said you need to start in a middle car, so I think we started in a Renault Clio.”

Jason replied: “Yeah, a little Renault Clio,” before James added: “So I went in that and I was trying to follow him.”

Elsewhere, James previously referred to his biggest “low” of his career so far.

“The biggest low of my career is that I’ve given up everything for it,” he admitted, in an interview with Prima magazine.

“I look at my mates and they’re all married with kids, and that’s not the case for me because I’ve been so focused on work.”

Saturday Morning with James Martin continues tomorrow at 9.25am on ITV.


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