James Bond 25: You won’t BELIEVE how many MILLIONS brands are paying for product placement


He has the looks, the charm, the fashion sense, the gadgets, the cars and doesn’t exactly struggle to attract beautiful women, so it’s not surprising that many men want to be like James Bond. Over the years brands have paid millions to be associated with 007 and especially so when it comes to Craig’s fifth and final outing currently known as Bond 25. As usual, 007 will sport the latest Omega watch and drive an Aston Martin, while Bollinger champagne and Heineken beer are back for new adverts on TV and product placements in the movie. According to Daily Mail, Bollinger have paid around £10 million to be associated with Bond again – having been so for the last 40 years.

He added: “Product placement, whichever way you look at it, whether you like it or you think it’s disgusting or whatever, it’s what it is.

“Heineken gave us a ton of money for there to be Heineken in a shot in a bar… Without them, the movie couldn’t get sold.

“[Bond] likes a lot of drinks – Heineken, Champagne. It’s all in there.”

Bond 25 will be released in UK cinemas on April 3, 2020.


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