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ITV GMB’s Adil Ray shut down by doctor over face mask advice: ‘Wouldn’t recommend it’

The ITV breakfast show’s resident doctor, Dr Sarah Jarvis, spoke on the programme this morning ahead of tomorrow’s new rules on wearing face masks in shops. Dr Sarah was on hand to answer some queries about what the public should and shouldn’t do to make sure they use the masks correctly and whilst discussing this with the hosts, she clarified people should not be ironing face masks after Adil claimed this could save time and could be done instead of washing them.

The UK public have so far had to adapt to wearing face masks on public transport amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

However, tomorrow will see rules changed which mean the PPE items are now compulsory in shops and some takeaway restaurants. 

This morning saw Dr Sarah explain what this would mean for those across the nation but at one point, she had to correct host Adil’s theory of ironing face masks to save time.

He explained how doing this after wearing could save time and make the process of using the masks easier but the doctor insisted this advice was not to be followed, hitting back: “I really wouldn’t recommend that.”


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