Italy holidays: FCO issues major travel update for ‘entry requirements’ to Italy


    Italy struggled with high cases of coronavirus earlier this year as the pandemic came to a head. The country is now slowly recovering and has become more popular with tourists, including Britons. Italy is currency exempt from the Foreign Office (FCO) advice against all non-essential international travel.

    Anyone arriving in Italy directly from the UK is usually exempt from self-isolation rules, but there are some exemptions.

    The website added: “You will need to self-isolate if, in the 14 days prior to your arrival in Italy, you have stayed in or transited through a country where Italy continues to require self-isolation.

    “If these conditions apply to you, then you must report promptly to the local health authorities and self-isolate for 14 days.”

    Approximately three million British tourists visit Italy every year.

    It comes as countries across Europe are now concerned that they could be removed from the UK’s “air bridge” list.

    France and Malta have all experienced sudden spikes in coronavirus cases which could put them at risk of being removed from the quarantine exemption list.

    Belgium, Andorra and The Bahamas were all removed from the list yesterday.

    The move was announced on Twitter by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps.

    However, Brunei and Malaysia were added to the “air bridge” list.

    “From 04:00 on Tuesday, passengers arriving in England from these destinations will no longer be required to self-isolate”, Mr Shapps tweeted.

    In Wales, the restrictions came into force from midnight tonight August 6.

    Belgium’s total coronavirus cases stand at 72,016, Andorra has had 955 cases and The Bahamas has had 761 cases in total.


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