Israel-Iran tensions SURGE as Israel 'launch supersonic Rampage missiles on Iran'


The attack allegedly hit a potential Iranian surface-to-surface missile factory in Masyaf. Satellite images captured by Israeli intelligence firm ImageSat International (ISI) reportedly show the destruction of the factory, the Jerusalem Post (JPost) reported.

Israeli jets reportedly fired the missiles from Lebanese airspace at 2.30am last Saturday, SANA news reported.

ISI told JPost: “The main industrial structures were completely destroyed, including the main hangar and the adjacent three production hangers and buildings. The rest of the structures were affected and damaged by the blast.

“All the elements and/or equipment which were inside were completely destroyed as well.”

The Rampage missiles were developed by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) as an air-to-ground missile with precision targeting.

Amit Haimovich, marketing director for IAI, told JPost: “The Rampage can be detected but it is very hard to intercept.

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“If you take the Middle East arena and areas protected by air defence systems, the whole point of this missile is that it can target within standoff ranges.”

The new missile can be fitted to Israel Air Force’s F-15, F-16 and F-35 fighter jets.

The 4.7-metre missile is guided by a GPS system.

The air strikes were reportedly part of a series of Israeli’s attacks against Iran’s military positions in India.

Israel has carried out hundreds of airstrikes across Syria in recent years and accused Iran of using the war-torn country as a foothold for a possible future military attack against Tel Aviv.

Israel sees Iran’s nuclear and ballistic missile programmes as a threat to its existence.

Iran says its nuclear work is for peaceful purposes only.

Israel, which Islamic Iran refuses to recognise, backed Trump’s move in May to quit a 2015 international deal on Iran’s nuclear programme and welcomed Washington’s reimposition of sanctions on Tehran.


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