‘ISIS jihadis’ poised to launch terror attack shot dead after car chase in Russia 


The “armed” men – said to be ISIS agents poised to stage a “terror attack” – were “neutralised” during a car chase in Stavropol region close to a regional airport. The security forces had sought to stop the car after a tip off. The alleged terrorists “opened fire and tried to escape” from a Lada Priora car, according to a statement from Russia’s National Anti-Terror Committee.

“During the exchange of fire two criminals were neutralised,” said a statement. 

A video showed the night time incident and a Kalashnikov rifle and hand grenade found at the snow-covered scene.

The body of one of the alleged ISIS agents lay in the snow near the Lada. 

The suspects had come from Volgograd region “in order to organise several terror crimes”, according to the committee.  

“It was established, that both of them were the agents of the international terrorist organisation Islamic State (ISIS).”

There were no casualties among the security services, police, or civilians, said the committee.

Regional governor Vladimir Vladimirov said: “The operation was quick and tidy. 

“The main thing is that there are no victims among civilians and officers. 

“I thank the law enforcement agencies for their quick and straightforward action.”

The incident on the night of 13-14 March was at  Balki village close to Stavropol International Airport.

The FSB did not identify the alleged targets of the pair. 


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