Is Michael Jackson still alive and where has he been ‘spotted’?


THE King of Pop died at the age of 50 in 2009 of cardiac arrest following a drugs overdose.

Despite an autopsy and his doctor being jailed for four years for administering one of the prescription drugs without proper safeguards, some conspiracy theorists refuse to believe he is dead.

Michael Jackson is still alive, according to conspiracy theorists
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Is Michael Jackson still alive?

Conspiracy theories have emerged over the past couple of years, with the most recent being a video claiming the King of Pop’s name had been misspelled on his death certificate.

In the clip, Michael’s passport clearly supplied his middle name as “Joe” after his dad.

But on his death certificate, the full spelling of “Joseph” is used.

Twitter users desperately hounded MJ’s sister Lay Toya to question her over his real name.

Singer La Toya confirmed her brother’s name was Michael Joe Jackson but the post has apparently been removed.

Before that a ‘clue’ that he was apparently still alive was found in a Janet Jackson song released in 2015.

A man slows down the song before insisting the slowed down version of “The Great Forever” features Michael’s voice.

The lyrics are: “Not too pleased with what you’re digging, I’m just busy livin’ my life.”

A new theory has emerged after it appears Jackson’s name was spelled differently on his death certificate
His middle name is spelled ‘Joseph’ instead of ‘Joe’, how it appears on his passport

Another claim centres around the claim there is still no name on his crypt.

A clip of his tomb allegedly shot by his cousin Latoya last year on his birthday – June 25-  shows where the singer was laid to rest at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles.

But one online conspiracy theorist claims there is a problem with it saying: “There is still no name on his crypt and it’s because he is not dead and not inside.

“He is not buried there, nothing adds up.

“Absolutely nothing, something was wrong with the death certificate, and then the coroner and the autopsy – it all adds up.”

The YouTube clip has since racked up thousands views and left some viewers convinced the singer is still moonwalking around the world.

Some of his fans also claimed him faking his death was predicted by The Simpsons in 1991.

In June, Michael Jackson’s bodyguard rubbished claims the pop legend was still alive.

Where has he been ‘spotted’?

Video footage posted to Instagram of his nephew’s wedding claims to show Jackson in disguise.

Standing in the background is a bulky man wearing sunglasses, spotted metres away from Prince and Paris, his children.

Fans swear the man bears an uncanny resemblance to a character Michael played in a short film in 1996 called Ghosts.

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