Iran’s corona CRISIS: How many people have REALLY died from coronavirus? ‘Data engineered'


    If the MEK numbers are to be believed, Iran could actually be the third worst country for COVID-19 deaths in the world, trailing only behind the USA on 162,938 deaths at the time of writing and Brazil on 101,049.

    The MEK figures come after Iranian daily paper Jahan San’at carried an article with the headline “No confidence in government figures”, which quoted a man named as Mohammad Reza Mahboobfar, who the paper claims is a member of the National Coronavirus Combat Task Force and a viral epidemiologist.

    He said in the article: “Precisely one month before the official announcement of the emergence of Coronavirus in the country, namely in late December, the first case of an infected patient was identified.

    “At the time, however, the Government engaged in a cover-up because of political and security reasons…

    “Regrettably, since the very beginning, there was no transparent public information effort. Most certainly, since the start of the virus in the country, these figures have been engineered.

    “In any case, these figures are injected into the society according to political and security considerations. In my view, the figures announced by the Ministry of Health (the number of those infected and dead) is one-twentieth of the real and actual figures.”


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