Iranian photographer's 'SHAME' as Trump uses image to attack Tehran


Yalda Moaiery, 37, said the US President had caused her “deep sorrow” for tweeting the photo, taken at a demonstration at Tehran University. Her photo shows a student raising a clenched fist after a smoke grenade was fired by Iranian riot police on December 30, 2017. Mr Trump used Ms Moaiery’s photo alongside the caption: “40 years of corruption, 40 years of repression, 40 years of terror.

“The regime in Iran has produced only 40 years of failure. The long-suffering Iranian people deserve a much brighter future.”

But Ms Moaiery hit back in an Instagram post, warning Mr Trump the image was for “my people” and “shouldn’t be abused” by Washington.

She said: “Having President Trump use it without my permission in a tweet in Persian even is a great shame for me and causes me deep sorrow.

“Because of his policies, I, my family, and my friends are forced to live under sanctions that are devastating to our lives.

“Our currency lost 70 percent of its value. We all became poor.

“Even if I could go to America financially (I cannot) to visit my dad, I wouldn’t be able to go, as he has imposed a travel ban on the Iranians he says he cares so deeply for.”

Mr Trump has slapped Iran with biting sanctions after hauling the US out of 2015 nuclear global deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

The US sanctions have pushed Iran into recession, with Mr Trump hoping it will accept stricter limits on missiles and tougher measures to the 2015 deal.

But the CIA and other US intelligence agencies have told Congress the sanctions may have strengthened hardliners in Tehran.

Ms Moaiery is a war photographer who has covered conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Lebanon.

She said after the photo was published last year she hid her identity for six months as she knew she “might get into trouble”.

Ms Moaiery said she hoped the image “would be a symbol of freedom everywhere in the world”.


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