iPhone 11 ‘will work UNDERWATER’ as Apple ‘invents brand new aqua screen that ignores liquids’


APPLE’S next smartphone could have a screen that works underwater – a first for the iPhone.

A new report claims that the iPhone 11 will go a step beyond being just waterproof, and will tout a display that can register your finger taps even when immersed in liquid.

Are you ready to dunk your iPhone in water? We might not take the risk
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Apple has been churning out waterproof smartphones since the iPhone 7 in 2016.

It means that dunking your iPhone 7 or later into some clean water shouldn’t damage it – but there’s a big problem.

When your iPhone is underwater, the screen’s sensors don’t work correctly, making it difficult to track where you’re tapping.

But Max Weinbach, who works for app development platform XDA, claims this is about to change with the rumoured iPhone 11.

The iPhone has been waterproof since the iPhone 7, but don’t try dunking it in hot, pressurised or salty water

In a tweet, Max wrote: “The next iPhones are probably going to have displays that work underwater.

“It’s in the prototype stage right now but seems likely.

“They have a patent for it and are finally doing it.”

Max said the information came from a “source”, but didn’t name the person due to the secrecy of the claims.

That means it’s impossible to verify exactly where the leak is coming from, so take it with a pinch of salt.

However, if true, it would be a major improvement to the iPhone, making the gadget work flawlessly in the rain.

Smartphone makers – Apple included – are struggling to convince smartphone users to upgrade, because even older handsets still work fine these days.

So the race is on to introduce bold new features, and adding support for underwater usage could be one of the iPhone 11’s key selling points.

We won’t know for sure until Apple officially unveils its next smartphones, which will probably take place in early September.

There are rumours that the iPhone 11 will also tout a foldable design, just like the new Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X folding phones.


However, an expert analyst recently told The Sun that Apple probably won’t launch a foldable iPhone until 2020 at the earliest.

“We believe Apple is late to the game on the foldable phone front vs. Samsung, and we do not expect a foldable phone released from [Apple HQ] until 2020,” said Dan Ives, a top analyst at Wedbush Securities, speaking to The Sun.

Foldable iPhone
A foldable Apple smartphone could revolutionise the way you use tech

According to Ives, Apple is “playing from behind the eight ball” on foldable phones – waiting to see whether they take off.

He told us that “price points right now are too high for foldable phones to gain any meaningful traction”, and he’s probably right.

After all, Samsung’s Galaxy Fold will set Brits back around £1,800, while the Huawei Mate X will cost you north of £2,000.

That won’t always be the case though, according to Ives: “We believe in a year these price points will be below £1,500 and start to gain share of the smartphone market in the 5%-10% range of all smartphones sold by 2021.”

If you want to check out a more tangible Apple gadget, you might be interested in the very impressive iPhone XR.

Get some snapping inspiration right now – here’s Apple’s very impressive list of the best iPhone photos taken from around the world.

We’re also just days away from the official release of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 – a key iPhone rival.

Would you be tempted by an underwater smartphone? Let us know in the comments!

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