iPhone 11 leak reveals the gadget may come with a bizarre triple camera system


‘LEAKED’ iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max moulds could confirm rumours that the handset will have three cameras in an unusual square layout.

The moulds are said to be those that are sent to case manufacturers so they can start making cases ahead of the release of the new phone but some Apple fans think this design is ‘ugly’.

The back of the alleged moulds shows a triple camera design and different Apple logo placements

Photos of the moulds were posted on SlashLeaks and if they are legitimate then they confirm previous leaks and rumours that have hinted at three camera notches in the top left hand corner of the device, which are encased in a square notch with rounded edges.

The design is considered to be different because the iPhone X and other triple camera lens phones often have a ‘traffic light’ layout.

The placement of the Apple logo on the back of the phone is also unusual.

On the back of the supposed iPhone 11 mould it can be seen almost touching the camera lens area but on the iPhone 11 Max it is in the middle of the smartphone.

The front of the moulds shows no home button

A picture of the front of the moulds shows no home button and the familiar notch required for face ID technology and selfies.

If these moulds are the real deal then fans of touch ID and the iPhone home button are going to be sorely disappointed.

However, the placing of the Apple logo on the moulds could be a clue as to whether they’re fake or not as some experts believe that Apple wouldn’t put its logo on moulds in order to prevent leaks like this.

The differing placements of the Apple logo on the devices is also considered unlikely.

The original source of the potential leak appears to be Chinese social networking site Weibo.


Apple is also rumoured to be launching the biggest iPhone ever in 2020 with an enormous 6.7-inch screen.

The concept images show what the iPhone 2020 could look like.

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What do you think of the triple camera iPhone 11 design? Let us know in the comments…

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