Instagram pet pictures are putting milennials at risk of fraud, bank warns


Posting pictures of pets on Instagram is putting millennials at risk of fraud, a major bank has said as it warned young people against copying celebrities bad online habits.

Santander has said the celebrity trend of oversharing personal information on social media, such as the name of a pet or your birthday, can increase the risk of identity fraud as people often use these details for passwords.

Research by the bank found one third of under 25s have copied celebrity posts and 87 percent admitted sharing personal information on social media.

While one in ten confessed they had both shared the name of a pet on Instagram and used it as a password.

The bank warned celebrities are setting a bad example by posting intimate details online, such as their birthday, the birthdays of partners and the names of pets, which could be used by fraudsters.

American singer Taylor Swift regularly posts on Instagram about her three cats; Meredith, Olivia and Benjamin. 

While Kylie Jenner shares so much about her two dogs, Norman and Bambi, they now have their own account with nearly half a million followers. 

Earlier this year, soap actor Dean Gaffney, was criticised after revealing his bank details to his nearly 65,000 Instagram followers, when he posted a picture where the card number and expiry date were clearly visible. 

The actor only removed the post after fans commented alerting him to his faux pas. 


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