Instagram ‘deleting followers’ as angry users say THOUSANDS vanished overnight


INSTAGRAM has admitted that a major bug is causing users to lose huge numbers of followers.

People began reporting strange follower count losses overnight, and the issue seems to be ongoing.

Instagram users have been left baffled and annoyed by a major bug

Instagram has confirmed the issue to The Sun, and said a fix is incoming.

One popular Instagrammer Princeton Pereze said: “Anyone else lose hella followers on IG at once? I lost 32k in seconds…Instagram what’s up with that.”

Another user on Twitter wrote: “Does anyone know why I just lost 200 followers on Instagram?”

Some speculated that Instagram was “purging” fake accounts, as it has done in the past.

The bug is wiping millions of followers off users’ accounts

These purges remove large numbers of fraudulent profiles – often used to spam messages, or bulk out follower counts – and are in breach of Instagram’s rules.

But Instagram has confirmed to The Sun that this issue is not related to a fake account purge.

An Instagram spokesperson told us: “We’re aware of an issue causing a change in account follower numbers for some people right now.

“We’re working quickly to fix this.”

According to social media boff Matt Navarra, several major Instagram accounts saw huge losses.

Nike dropped from 84.6million to 83.5million, marking a loss of 1.1million followers.

Katy Perry lost around 900,000 followers, while Selena Gomez is believed to have lost roughly 2.3million users from her follower count.

It seems that the number of lost accounts is in line with total follower count – so more popular accounts are seeing bigger losses.

In any case, it’s sparked fury among Instagram users who are baffled by the change.

“Maybe find a way to fix your god damn app, deleting fan accounts and now deleting people’s f***ing followers I mean come on,” said one Instagram user writing on Twitter.

“I lost 384 followers in 2 MINUTES. Get your f***ing s**t together we are all sick of it.”


Instagram has not revealed exactly why followers are being lost.

It’s also not clearly exactly when the issue is going to be fixed – so you’ll just have to suffer with lower follower counts for now.

It’s worth checking to see if you’ve been forced to unfollow some of your favourites accounts, and re-following them – just in case Instagram’s fix doesn’t work.

Instagram recently added a new feature that lets you choose “Close Friends” to share posts with.

Facebook recently revealed it would be merging messages across Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram.

And here’s how to find out exactly what Facebook knows about you.

Have you noticed a drop in your follower count? Let us know in the comments!

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