Inside the gleaming showroom of car dealer to the stars Tom Hartley who’s traded £5bn of motors over the years


ROD Stewart. Elton John. Rory McIlroy. Michael McIntyre. Andrew Lloyd Webber. Nico Rosberg. Mike Tyson. Saudi royalty. And, of course, eleventy Premier League footballers.

Ferrari LaFerrari. McLaren P1. Porsche 918 Spyder. Bugatti Chiron. Bugatti Veyron (x3). Lamborghini Aventador (x3). Ferrari 488 (x4). McLaren SLR. Mercedes SLS Gullwing. Ferrari 512 M.

In the blue corner, a £2.7m Bugatti Chiron, in the red, a £2.2m LaFerrari and in the white, a £1.25m Porsche 918…knockout
In Tom Hartley’s new see-through showroom you can check out a blue Bugatti Chiron, a red Ferrari 488 Spider and a silver McLaren SLR all at the same time

Welcome to the world of Britain’s top supercar dealer Tom Hartley.

His contacts book reads like a Who’s Who of the rich and famous and all of those glorious cars — some of the rarest on the planet — currently sit gleaming in his Derbyshire showroom.

Yep, he’s got the Holy Trinity. All in one place.

Tom, 57, has traded more than £5billion worth of motors over the years — including a record £250million last year.

Believe it or not, top dealer Tom Hartley drives a VW Golf – he says it keeps him grounded
From here, customers are treated to the view of a grey Ferrari FF, a white Lamborghini Huracan, a blue 1966 Ferrari 330GT and a red Ferrari F512M


Today is another special day as he opens a £10million, three-floor car gallery complete with see-through glass floors, viewing balcony, turntable and giant scissor lift.

It’s all part of the seduction — sorry, I meant service — from the self-titled “deal-maker” who already has a guest house, private cinema, spa room and full-time chef for VVIP clients.

As well as a “car stage” in the middle of a lake.

Tom said: “We have created a car-buying experience like no other. Coming to our 40-acre estate is not like visiting a showroom in the city centre.

Tom’s son Carl lies back in a McLaren-designed chair

It’s very private. Our clients regularly fly in by helicopter and they love to see their cars on the lake to get the full reflection.”

So is Tom worried Brexit will put a dent in the family empire he runs with son Carl?

Not at all.
Tom said: “It is what it is. Monday will still be Monday, Friday will still be Friday and we’ll still be buying and selling cars.

“At a time when everyone is stopping and getting smaller, we’re getting bigger. There is no other private, family-run business with the selection of cars we have in the UK.”


Even as we’re chatting Tom is doing deals.

He buys a Ferrari Enzo for £1.9million by text — and then immediately sells it for £2million.

Followed by a Ferrari 575 Superamerica — bought for £350,000, sold for £400,000. That’s £150,000 profit in no time at all.

Tom said: “We sold a Ferrari 250 SWB California for £10million in 2015 and we’ve just bought it back for £12m.

Most of Tom’s elite clients know exactly what they want, but if you’re just window-shopping, you won’t be disappointed
And if you get bored of looking at supercars (yeah, right), you can always relax in Tom’s purpose-built cinema room

“We’re asking £13m for it but I’ll take a profit.”

Other lush motors dotted around Tom’s place include a Rolls-Royce Phantom, Lamborghini Huracan, Porsche Carrera GT, McLaren Can-Am, Rolls-Royce Dawn, Ferrari Testarossa, Jaguar Project 7 . . .  and, er, a VW Golf diesel.

Tom said: “That’s my runaround. It’s a great car and it helps keep me grounded and appreciate all these supercars when I drive them.”

Rob tries to negotiate a deal on the LaFerrari – but Tom knows a real buyer when he sees one


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