Incredible glowing paint LumiLor turns on and off using electrical charge on your car


A UNIQUE glowing paint able to be turned on and off is being used to create incredible exterior vehicle finishes.

LumiLor is an innovative material that can be sprayed onto any surface.

LumiLor uses electrical current to glow in the dark

And keen motor enthusiasts are using it to make their car stand out on the road.

Unlike regular glow-in-the-dark paint, LumiLor uses an electrical charge to illuminate, meaning it can be turned on and off at the flick of a switch.

The electro-luminescent coating is spray painted onto a car’s exterior finish, and it is then “energised” with an electrical current to make it glow.

But without the charge being switched on, the LumiLor finish is invisible.

Creative patterns and designs can be made with the glowing paint

When charged, the material lights up just like a system of LEDs, and is bright enough to see in daylight.

Created by Darkside Scientific, LumiLor can also be used for a number of applications outside of the world of motoring, even acting as an additional safety measure to allow cyclists to be seen at night.

In 2015, Lexus used LumiLor in a creative project to display a driver’s heartbeat.

In the demo, professional drivers raced at night with their heart rates monitored and projected on the exterior of the cars using the glowing spray paint.

It was billed as the world’s first “car with a heartbeat”.


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