Immigrant shames homegrown anti-Americans ‘don't know how lucky you are!’


    In a TIKTOK video which went viral on many social media platforms the woman, whose birth country is unclear, issues a fierce message to ‘ungrateful’ American citizens and “those who are not proud to be American.” Looking at the camera, the woman says: “Okay, I just want to say this to those ungrateful Americans, who hate America, who are not proud to be Americans.

    “You know, you don’t know how privileged you are to be American citizens because you are so blinded, and you are too busy looking for something to complain about.

    “If you hate America that much, then leave.

    “Go somewhere else. Try to explore the world. That might help you understand what oppressed really means.

    “I think America would gladly trade you for people who want to come here, work and live, and someday become proud American citizens.

    “Because I don’t see it. You keep complaining about you are being oppressed when you are living your life free as f***.

    “You are your own oppressor.”

    The video attracted massive support from other Twitter users.

    One Twitter used wrote: “I love the idea of swapping out those that don’t want to be here with those that do….

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    And a delighted Twitter user added: “Very nicely said. Very sad to say most of these protester do not even believe in their protest.

    “They are paid to riot. They are taking money to destroy their own country.

    “You can’t sling much lower than that. Privileged children with nothing better to do.


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