Immature blokes say the ‘disgusting’ new period emoji is ‘pointless and unnecessary’


THE ARRIVAL of the new period emoji may feel long overdue for many.

But the little red droplet is facing furious backlash on Twitter from immature blokes – and even women – who are branding it “disgusting” and “pointless”.

A new period emoji has been announced – but not everyone is happy about it

Yesterday it was announced that a period emoji would soon be popping up on our phones in a bid to help end stigma after women’s rights charity Plan International discovered that 47 per cent of women, aged 18 to 34, believed it would help them be more open about menstruation.

However, not everyone is happy that it will soon become available along with the ‘small penis’ hand and physical disability emojis which have also been unveiled.

Taking to twitter, one angry man wrote: “Period emoji is disgusting.”

Another furiously commented: “Why the f**k r they adding a period blood emoji GROSS LFMAOO F*****G HELL.”

Many men took to Twitter to share how “disgusting” and “gross” they found the idea of the new blood droplet arriving on our phone keyboards
Getty – Contributor

A third shared: “So next month Twitter will offer the “period emoji,” which looks like 3 drops of blood.

Meanwhile, another added: “It still doesn’t suggest for what purpose you’re going to need a period emoji, it’s a completely pointless idea.”

However, it’s not just men who are up in arms about the decision – some women also seem unhappy about their ‘time of the month’ being enshrined in emoji form.

One mum wrote: “This is beyond inappropriate. Do any of you clueless feminist think about children? You should be ashamed of yourselves. YOUR DISGUSTING!”

Some women were also not a fan of the new emoji either
Getty – Contributor

Another confused women commented: “The period emoji is coming apparently but I wanna know in what context we’re supposed to be using it in.”

A third female shared: “There’s supposed to be a period emoji coming out? That’s gross.”

A women’s rights charity campaigned for the emoji to help end stigma around menstruation
Getty – Contributor

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