‘I thought my penis had been cut off by Freddy Krueger’ – John Wayne Bobbitt recalls horror moment he woke up in a pool of blood in bed missing his manhood


THE man who had his penis cut off by his wife recalled the terrifying moment he woke up in a pool of blood – thinking he had been attacked by horror movie characters Freddie Krueger and Jason.

John Wayne Bobbitt also revealed he believes his wife Lorena sliced off his manhood in a jealous rage after she thought he was having an affair – and denied her claims that he had raped and abused her.

John denies his ex-wife’s accusations that he raped and beat her
John Chapple for Sun Online

In an exclusive interview, John, who was acquitted of rape in the case, said he simply “said the wrong thing at the wrong time” by telling Lorena he’d spent the night in a hotel rather than out clubbing with his pal – which sparked her jealousy. 

Lorena has always maintained she was subject to months of sexual and physical abuse at the hands of John – and was raped the night she took a kitchen knife to his privates.

Recalling the night of the “incident”, John dismissed these allegations, telling Sun Online: “On the Friday before a girl ran my bike over on my way to work. She was about 19-years-old and she came by later to my apartment with a new bike for me and Lorena saw us in the parking lot. 

“She was really upset and she thought I was having an affair with this girl but I wasn’t. She was always jealous of me and other girls.

“On top of that I’d asked for a divorce – and to her that wasn’t just the end of a marriage it was the end of her American dream. 

Lorena and John got married in 1989
John Wayne Bobbitt
John and Lorena in happier times before their relationship turned volatile
John Wayne Bobbitt

“Then when I came home the night of the incident I was really tired and I just wanted her to leave me alone so when she asked where I’d been I lied and told her the Holiday Inn.

“Not only was I leaving her but she thought I had been with that girl at the Holiday Inn.

“Then she did it – she cut my penis off while I was sleeping. The next thing I knew I woke up in a pool of blood.

“Blood was everywhere – it was very frightening, very scary.

“I thought at the time, ‘Only two people could have done this – Freddy Krueger or Jason’. I’m serious – those movies were big at the time and I was sleeping and that’s what I thought.

“It was pure jealousy and if you look throughout history that’s the reason women have cut men’s penises off – it’s the abandonment she felt. 

“I said the wrong thing at the wrong time. I said the Holiday Inn. That’s what did it. Words can cut mightier than the sharpest sword.”

Lorena was sent to a psychiatric facility for assessment following the high profile trial
Jeffrey Markowitz/Sygma via Getty Images
John and his dog Cupcake outside their home in Las Vegas, Nevada
John Chapple for Sun Online

The now 51-year-old American made international headlines when his Ecuadorian-born Lorena carried out the attack on him at their home in Manassas, Virginia in June 1993.

After the horror incident Lorena drove away in her car with the severed organ before throwing it into a some grass opposite a 7-11 store.

The penis was later found by cops after an extensive search, put in a hot dog bag full of ice and taken to hospital, where surgeons miraculously managed to re-attach it. 

Later Lorena said she committed the crime because John had raped her and she could not stand the absue any longer.

The subsequent trials – John’s for rape which he was found not guilty of – and Lorena’s for malicious wounding which she was also found not guilty of – divided opinion around the world.

The shocking case is now the subject of a four-part series called ‘Lorena’, which is being shown on Amazon Video.

In the show Lorena, now 48, claims she felt like she was “living in hell” as John regularly beat her and raped her throughout their relationship.

Recalling the night of the incident, Lorena says: “He [John] grabbed my wrist and pressed it down to my hips. I felt like I couldn’t breathe and his chest, his right shoulder was on his face, my mouth.

“I asked him, ‘What are you doing?’ But he didn’t say anything. I said, ‘I don’t want to have sex,’ but he wouldn’t listen to me.

“He wouldn’t let me go. He pulled my underwear down then he forced himself into me, again.

John is pictured here helping out on a ranch shortly after his penis was cut off
John Wayne Bobbitt
John and his late mother, who stood by him throughout both trials
John Wayne Bobbitt

“I was trying to cry loud but I couldn’t breathe. It was hurting me… I told him, ‘Why do this to me again and again and again.’

“He pushed me away and said he didn’t care.”

After hearing her harrowing testimony, jurors at her malicious wounding trial found her not guilty due to temporary insanity and she was forced to spend 45 days in a mental institution.

John, however, denies all the allegations and maintains Lorena acted in a jealous rage.

While he admits that the pair fought and had a volatile relationship – he claims Lorena was the one who used to attack him. 

“We fought a lot but mainly because she attacked me and tried to hurt me,” he said.

“But I think a lot of people that said they saw all these bruises just made up a lot of stuff.

“Yeah I think there was some bruises but nothing major. And I had scratches and marks on me – one of the neighbours testified to seeing that.

“But what she did to me that it has nothing to do with that. It’s irrelevant because after all the domestic violence accusations and the police coming – I left her for over a year. 

“So why are they bringing up something that happened previously?

“I was arrested months before because she had a fat lip but then I filed counter charges because she was the one who attacked me and we both had to go to court.

Lorena told cops that she was upset because her husband didn’t make her orgasm – but later changed her story
POOL/AFP/Getty Images
John, who used to be a US Marine, said the couple split up for about a year during their tumultuous relationship
John Wayne Bobbitt

“The judge turned round to us and said, ‘Either work your marriage out or get a divorce but stay out of my courtroom’. 

“Soon after that I moved back home and she kept on calling me and writing me letters and sending me glamour photos. 

“Eventually my mom said maybe I should give it another shot because we were still married so I did.”

And John denies that he ever forced sex on Lorena – saying they had regular consensual sex, both enjoyed sex and were adventurous in the bedroom.

He points to Lorena’s original testimony after the incident where she told cops: “He always have orgasm [sic], and he doesn’t wait for me ever to have orgasm. He’s selfish.”

“When we first got back together after splitting up, it started off good again then it just got to the point where we didn’t speak to each other,” he explained.

“There was no domestic violence or fighting or whatever. We just stopped talking to each other – we just had sex – but always consensual.

“We were a mutually sexually active couple. We even had this book called, ‘How to satisfy a woman every time and have her beg for more’. It was by Naura Hayden.

“She picked it up and we both read it. It had some interesting stuff in it so we both played around with it.

After the incident, John, pictured here with David Hasselhoff, became a national celebrity
John Wayne Bobbitt
He even had special T. shirts made depicting Lorena
John Chapple for Sun Online

“So when she makes out she’s this victim it’s just not true.

“And when she told police I never gave her an orgasm and I was selfish – well I’m telling you know she had plenty of orgasms – multiple orgasms.”

John claims his version of events is backed up by the court transcripts – and Lorena does admit she thought John was having an affair in court. 

A pal also testified that years before the incident Lorena had told her that if John ever had an affair, she would cut off his penis because it would hurt him more than killing him.

“There is so much testimony that proves what I’m saying but people chose to ignore it,” he said.

“She had a rape exam the night of the incident and they found no evidence of trauma. 

“I knew they would find no evidence because we’d only had very brief consensual sex. 

“I was on top of her trying to have sex with her but I was so tired I just rolled over and went back to sleep. 

“She cut her panties to make it look like they’d ripped them – that was proven in court.

“Also the prosecutor examined her and said ‘There came a time that you thought your husband was having an affair. Is that right? She said, ‘yeah, he was having an affair and I didn’t know how to handle that.’ I have a video of that. 

“Her friend came to testify about them having a conversation about cheating husbands. She was with her husband and when my story came out and said, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe she went through with it’.”

John claims he has never raped or attacked Lorena or any other woman
John Chapple for Sun Online
John, who grew up with his two brothers and three cousins in Niagara Falls, New York, pictured as a child with his family
John Wayne Bobbitt

John says it was hurtful to watch the new docu-series and described it as “malicious”, “untrue” and “one-sided”.

He claims documentary makers purposely tried to portray him in a bad light and sought out people to speak badly about him.

John has now written a tell-all book which he says tells the true story of his life – called “Missing Parts” – and is looking for a publisher.

“I knew it was going to be real bad on my part. I knew they [the filmmakers] were going to kick my a**,” he said.

“But I’m like Rocky Balboa they can hit me as hard as they want and I’ll keep on getting up and getting up and going forward. 

“At the end of the day I believe the truth will set you free. And that’s the way I deal with it. I feel free because I know the truth. And then someday this will unravel and people will see the truth.

“The docu-series is called ‘Lorena’ so it’s obviously going to be her side of the story.

“But now it’s time for people to hear my side.”

John pictured with Veronica Brazil, the porn star who played Lorena in an adult movie he starred in
John Chapple for Sun Online
Porn star Ron Jeremy who directed John’s porn movie “Uncut”
John Wayne Bobbitt

Shockingly, John forgives Lorena for cutting off his penis – which he says is now “better than it ever was” and only bears a small scar. 

“I understand why she did what she did. And the thing is have to understand why people do the things they didn’t do. Once you understand it, you can forgive,” he said.

“A lot of people criticize, they condemn, they complain. Most fools do. But it takes character and self control to be understanding and forgiving.

“She was upset and I understand that, I said the wrong thing at the wrong time. I shouldn’t have said it and she thought I was having an affair. I just realised that after going through the transcripts.”

Following the high profile trial, John became a celebrity in his own right, doing personal appearance, TV interviews and even starring in a porn movie “Uncut” and becoming a greeter at the Bunny Ranch legal brothel in Nevada. 

John was invited to judge Miss Nude America contest following the incident
John Chapple for Sun Online
John admits he led a wild and reckless life after the incident but says he’s stayed out of trouble for 15 years
John Chapple for Sun Online

But he said his notoriety also got him into trouble and he faced a number of criminal charges in the ensuing years. 

He was sentenced to 15 days for battery of exotic dancer Kristina Elliott in 1994 – which he claims was for punching a wall – and then received probation for his role in a theft in Nevada in 1999. 

He was then jailed for breaking his probation in 2003 after he was arrested on battery charges against his then-wife Joanna Ferrell. 

John maintains that he was never violent – and even shared a recording of a phone call from two weeks ago with Sun Online, where Joanna describes him as a good husband who “never hurt her”.

The documentary also includes an interview by an ex girlfriend named Desiree – who claims he tied her up and raped her repeatedly. John vehemently denies these allegations. 

“Women just seem to always get me in trouble because I always picked the wrong ones – always the bad girls,” he said. 

“I mean there was a lot of good ones too that I probably should have stayed with but being in the spotlight I just started living this wild, reckless lifestyle.

 “And it attracted the wrong people and it got me in trouble. 

“So I learned to stay away from bad people. I haven’t been in any trouble for 15 years. Just by exercising discernment. 

“Picking and choosing wisely, what my surroundings are, and who I surround myself with.”


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