I set a Facebook honeytrap to catch my man – and he sent ‘her’ nudes instead of coming to our baby scan


WHEN Holly Standing fell pregnant with her older boyfriend Nuno’s baby, she was ecstatic about starting a family.

But the 27-year-old, from Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, started to suspect her man, 45, was cheating on her – so made a Facebook honeytrap to catch him out.

Holly Standing created a Facebook honeytrap to see if her boyfriend Nuno was cheating while she was pregnant

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Digital, the mum-of-one tells her shocking story…

I was absentmindedly flicking through Nuno’s phone, trying to log into my Gmail account, when the advert popped up on the screen.

Find My Fling, the website in the ad read. I clicked the link which opened up his profile – a picture of Nuno along with a biography outlining a bit about him.

“It must be an old profile, long forgotten about”, I told myself. But I felt a nervous knot tighten in my stomach.

Nuno was 18 years older than Holly and she thought he’d be delighted when she got pregnant

I couldn’t believe my luck when I fell for Nuno a few months earlier.

I’d always longed to be a mum and, at 18 years my senior, Nuno was more mature than boys my age I’d dated.

Most boyfriends had run for the hills when I’d mentioned how much I’d love to have children, but not Nuno.

I’d never met a man who was as excited to have a baby as I was, so when I found out I was pregnant just six months later, I expected Nuno to be thrilled.

“Congratulations,” he smiled weakly, when I showed him the positive pregnancy test. “I’m so happy for you.”

My heart sank. It wasn’t the reaction I’d been hoping for. Nuno’s heart didn’t seem to be in it. I told myself he was nervous and getting his head around the exciting news.

When I found his profile on Find My Fling, a sex hook-up website, my stomach churned as I opened up his messages

Holly Standing

My perfect paternal man changed overnight. When I undressed for bed that evening, Nuno didn’t so much as glance in my direction.

He’d always been so affectionate, showering me in compliments and kisses, but now I felt like a broken old toy – discarded and unwanted.

So when I found his profile on Find My Fling, a sex hook-up website, my stomach churned as I opened up his messages.

“You’re gorgeous, I’d love to meet up with you”, he’d typed a message to one mystery woman.

But her man started drifting and Holly was convinced he was cheating

Horrified, I confronted Nuno later that day. “You lied to me! I found the dating sites,” I yelled, thrusting the phone in his face.

Nuno’s face fell but he was quickly full of excuses.

“Please Holly, it was a one-off. We were going through a bad patch, I had no intention of meeting her,” he pleaded, desperate.

We were staying at my mum’s house while we saved for our own place and I told him to leave but eventually let him back into my life, for the sake of our unborn baby.

Nuno had an account on Find My Fling hook-up site

I tried to focus on our impending arrival, but I couldn’t get the images of the hookup websites out of my mind – I couldn’t trust Nuno.

We had a baby on the way, I needed to know if he was fully committed.

So I decided to lay a trap by creating a fake Facebook account for a woman named Maria.

I found photos of a stranger on the internet and added pictures and even friends to the account to make sure it looked genuine.

I spent hours perfecting ‘Maria’ before finally sitting back and admiring my work. Now it was time.

The trap was set, all I had to do was sit back and wait for Nuno to take the bait.

I added Nuno as a friend and silently willed him to resist Maria.

But within an hour, he’d accepted the request and punched out a message explaining that he was single and ready for love.

We had a baby on the way, I needed to know if he was fully committed. So I decided to lay a trap by creating a fake Facebook account

Holly Standing

“I’m 37 and I separated from my girlfriend two months ago”, he wrote. All lies.

My heart broke as every message Nuno exchanged with his honeytrap became more and more intimate.

“I can tell you I’m a great lover, very romantic”, he wrote.

It was sickening. I had an important appointment at the maternity hospital and had been trying to reach Nuno all day, but he’d ignored my calls and texts.

Yet here he was, with plenty of time to message ‘Maria’, a complete stranger.

He was more interested in a Facebook floozy than his own baby’s scan.

“Is everything ok? Are you having second thoughts?” I messaged Nuno, giving him the opportunity to come clean.

Nuno ignored messages about his baby’s ultrasound at the same time as messaging honeytrap Maria

When he finally responded, saying he was fine, I asked him: “Are you sure there’s no-one else?”

When he swore on our unborn baby’s life that he hadn’t met anyone else, it was almost too much to bear.

I knew Nuno was a liar but I needed to know how far he’d go with Maria.

He’d already sent pictures of himself and the conversation had got onto showering together.

When he arranged a date with ‘Maria’ and asked to chat to her on the phone, my friend agreed to pose as her.

It was excruciating as I listened in to their call.

Their baby was born in March this year

Afterwards, he sent a cringey message saying how much he loved hearing my voice and couldn’t wait to steal a kiss on their first date. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

It was almost comical as I watched Nuno’s lies unravel but when I rubbed my burgeoning baby bump, it was a reminder this was no laughing matter.

So when Nuno started sending Maria semi-nude photos of himself, I’d seen and heard enough. The game was up and it was time to reveal the truth.

Nuno says:

It’s all true (I flirted with ‘Maria’). I felt like an idiot, but to be honest the relationship by that time was already passing.

Since the pregnancy she changed her attitude. I believe it was the pregnancy hormone, I was feeling sad, not quite happy.

I was a bit, like, catfished. She got me.

I was quite surprised but in the end it’s for the best.

We’re not together, now we can be friends for the sake of the baby.

After some point yes, I was not feeling attracted to her.

The sites for meeting people was made before we met.

When I texted Nuno to say he’d been rumbled, he pretended to have no idea what I was talking about – until I sent him the screenshots of the conversations.

He knew then he was done for and although he admitted he’d been selfish, he didn’t even say sorry.

“I don’t want to talk to you anymore, I’m changing my number. Bye!” he wrote.

I was fuming but it was fine by me. “Don’t speak to me again”, I snapped back.

I gave birth to our daughter in March but I’m better off without Nuno, I’m just glad I trapped him before I wasted any more time on him.

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