I lost two stone and had a £10k nose job to get a rich boyfriend – now I’m a billionaire matchmaker


A BLOGGER who helps women bag billionaires said she lost two stone and paid £10K for a nose job in order to transform from a “plain Jane” to a society “it girl”.

London-based Anna Bey, 32, said her makeover, which included cheek and chin fillers, has completely turned her life around, and she now teaches women how to date elite men.

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Blogger and matchmaker Anna Bey, 32, said altering her appearance has changed her life[/caption]

Anna said her theories have also helped her land a banker boyfriend, and she shares her glamorous lifestyle with her 32,000 Instagram followers.

Since overhauling her life Anna has become the founder of JetsetBabe.com, and advises ladies on how to enter high society and “transform themselves” to “live up to their potential”.

In her latest blog post on her “School of Affluence” site, she revealed how changing her look has actually had a “good return investment”, and she advises other women follow suit.

Anna said she also altered her appearance by getting hair extensions and Botox – and admitted it took many years of “trial and error” to look her best.

Anna Bey/Jetsetbabe.com

Anna revealed on her blog how she transformed from a ‘plain jane’ to ‘be accepted into high society’[/caption]

Anna Bey/Jetsetbabe.com

Part of her transformation was losing two stone by eating healthier[/caption]

Originally from Sweden, Anna left home at 19 and travelled to Italy, where she was introduced to an affluent lifestyle by a “typical rich kid”.

She said: “I started as a plain Jane with no clue how to look my best. It took me many years of trial and error to figure everything out.

“My beauty transformation didn’t happen overnight. It was costly and overwhelming, especially not knowing where to start.

“I know transformation, in general, can be something daunting. We have to take a close look at our imperfections, admit to ourselves that we’re not where we want to be, and then take action to do something about it.”


Anna said her theories have also helped her land a banker boyfriend[/caption]


The Instagram star also gets hair extensions, fillers and Botox to complete her new look[/caption]

Anna explained why she felt the need to change the way she looked in order to get a man with a big bank account.

She said: “In our culture, good looks pay off, and it’s going to help you dramatically if you want to be successful in high-society.”

She switched from a carb-heavy diet to one with healthier dishes – with the occasional treat of wine or dessert – and said it helped her to lose 2st5lbs.

Anna Bey/Jetsetbabe.com

She said it has taken her years of trial and error to perfect her look, pictured before her transformation[/caption]


Anna said that in our culture ‘good looks pay off’[/caption]

Anna continued: “When I began my transformation I had loads of baby weight and an unhealthy diet.

“My weight-loss transformation that has been one of the most significant improvements. I’ve lost 15 kg and at 5’7” my current weight is about 8st 9lbs.

“It really helped me change my facial structure and of course improved my body. I found it much easier to date after I had done my lifestyle change and lost all that weight.”

Speaking of her plastic surgery, she said her nose job was the “best £10,000 I ever spent”.

Anna added: “Before surgery I was worried my face would be ruined as there always that risk, so I sought out a top surgeon with a great reputation and paid more.

“I also have Botox and fillers for maintenance.”


Anna saved up £10,000 in order to get a nose job and she said it was a great investment[/caption]

The final big change was to dye her hair from black to blonde and add hair extensions for fullness.

She said: “My hair is awful, thin and it doesn’t grow. So I was so happy when I found this woman in London who does my hair.

“She gets these Russian hair extensions straight from the factory and they are unprocessed and free of colour. The secret to successful hair extensions is getting hair very similar to your own.”

Anna said that the majority of her transformation was self-funded, and she advises that other women save up and follow suit.

Anna Bey/Jetsetbabe.com

The final big change was to dye her hair from black to blonde and add hair extensions for fullness[/caption]


Anna said that the majority of her transformation was self-funded, and she advises that other women save up and follow suit[/caption]

She said: “I’m glad I started because I got a lot of return on this investment.

“Once I had reached a certain level in my transformation, I noticed the improvement it had in my life, particularly in my dating life.

“My journey into high-society began to run more smoothly and in the dating department there was a greater abundance of high-quality men than before.

“My transformation was the game changer in my case, and I can honestly say that investing in yourself is the best investment you can ever make.

“The goal is not to become perfect, but to become the best version of yourself. It’s never too late to live your best life and look your best!”

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