I aborted my baby after my cheating husband dumped me when I was six weeks pregnant


AFTER Laura Stewart’s husband broke up with her she made the heartbreaking decision to have a termination at six weeks pregnant.

She didn’t think she was in the right place to have a baby.

Laura has told her heartbreaking story to Fabulous Digital
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But it wasn’t a decision which came easily. “The rug had been ripped from me,” said Laura, now 35, from London.

Here she tells her shocking story to Fabulous Digital:

I couldn’t believe the words coming out of my husband Charlie’s* mouth. I was six weeks pregnant, and he’d told me he didn’t want to be with me any more.

Unable to take it in, I started crying hysterically and pleaded with him to stay, but there was no changing Charlie’s mind – he wanted a divorce. The rug had been ripped from under me and I watched him walk out of the door for good.

Laura aborted her baby after her husband left her
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My husband revealed he had cheated and wanted to end our marriage.

I felt like I’d gone from ‘hero to zero’ overnight and I was completely heartbroken by it all.

We first met in August 2013, after being set up by friends who thought we’d hit it off. I was 30 and had spent the last few years serial dating but with no serious relationships to show for it, and it was no secret that I was terrified of never finding someone – so I welcomed the matchmaking.

Within nine months, we’d moved in together. Things were happening fast, but it felt right – he was everything I’d been looking for.

Then in August 2014, on holiday in Santorini, Charlie proposed.

We’d only been together for 12 months, but I knew that he was The One. A year later, we had a big white wedding at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park with over 150 guests, then flew off for a beautiful honeymoon in Sri Lanka.

At the end of summer 2016, Charlie and I decided to try for a baby. I’d always wanted to be a mum and after two months I was ecstatic to find out I was pregnant.

Laura Stewart

The couple had a big white wedding at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park with over 150 guests[/caption]

But on the morning of the day we were going to tell my parents the news, I felt like Charlie was acting distantly. When I pushed him to tell me what was wrong, I couldn’t have dreamed that he’d ask for a divorce. Yet two hours later, he was gone and my world fell apart.

Left alone in our home, I immediately phoned my closest girlfriends. They were by my side within the hour and tried their best to tell me that although it felt awful right now, it obviously wasn’t meant to be and life would get better.

Laura Stewart

Laura was six weeks into her pregnancy when her husband announced he wanted a divorce[/caption]

But it didn’t feel like it and I spent the next few weeks reeling between utter devastation, anger and confusion. I couldn’t take the bins out without bursting into tears, and I was signed off work from my job as a teacher. Even just eating and drinking became a chore, as I was so heartbroken. It felt impossible to be happy when my life had been turned upside down.

In December, I made the agonising decision to terminate my pregnancy. I knew I couldn’t bring a baby into the world under those circumstances – especially as I didn’t know if I was ever going to be able to piece myself back together again.

Laura Stewart

Laura has retrained as a relationship and dating coach[/caption]

Laura is now dating again
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Soon afterwards, my doctor diagnosed me with borderline PTSD because I’d been left so traumatised by our break-up, and suggested I got professional mental health support. Through talking with friends and family I found some strength, and with trauma counselling I was able to function again and go back to work.

Sitting on my sofa nine months after my diagnosis, it struck me that I needed to use my pain and experience to help others. While I’d known since I was a teen that heartbreak can knock you for six, I’d never considered how much of an overwhelming physical and emotional impact it could have on a person, until it happened to me.

Laura has told her heartbreaking story
Caters News Agency

I wanted people going through the same thing to know they weren’t alone and be able to help them get through it. Since then I’ve retrained as a relationship and dating coach and am now able to advise others, whether that’s about how to write the perfect dating profile or how to express your feelings when it all feels too much.

I’ve recently given up teaching to start a relationship advice website called The Blue Ticks, which offers all sorts of support as well as a chat forum for people to share their love stories, whether they’ve had their heart broken or not.

Laura has told her story to Fabulous
Caters News Agency

Now I’m finally feeling strong enough to start dating again and can’t wait to see who and what the future brings.

While I wouldn’t wish what I’ve gone through on my worst enemy, I know first hand that no matter how bad your heartbreak, as my friends tried to tell me, life really does go on.

Laura has created The Blue Ticks, a website that offers advice on how to handle breakups.

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