Husbands have shared the hilarious practical jokes played on them by their other halves including midnight foot shaving and ‘dirty pics’


WHEN looking for a lifelong partner, having a good sense of humour is one thing that most of us want.

And it looks like some husbands are in luck, as they take to the internet to share some of the wittiest practical jokes played by their wives – and they’re sure to have you laughing.

These witty wives have shared the hilarious pranks they’ve paid on their husbands

While relationships can sometimes get far too serious, these wives are proving that the best medicine in an unhappy marriage is a little bit of honest fun.

From a woman who couldn’t help but shave her partner’s hairy feet while he slept, to another who took sending ‘dirty pictures’ in the most literal sense.

One even put her lacy lingerie on a her husband’s pillow to keep her man reminded of what he’s missing during her weekend away with the girls.

For all the spouses out there, get ready to take down some ideas as the Sun Online looks at some of the funniest pranks wives have pulled on their husbands.

Doing the dirty

When asked to send over a ‘dirty picture’, this wife responded in the most literal way possible

Fifty shades of grey

When this wife said she wanted to act out Fifty Shades of Grey, I’m sure this is not what her husband imagined

Kick up a stink

This wife’s silly sense of humour got the better of her whilst vandalising her husbands shampoo

Pillow talk

This wife was keen to remind her husband what he’d be missing before heading away for the weekend

All eyes on him

To keep her husband from snacking, this wife made sure her eyes were everywhere

Driving her crazy

This wife wanted the world to know her husbands dirty habits

Put his foot in it

This man bet his wife that she couldn’t shave his foot while he was asleep – and I’m sure you can guess who won

Off the charts

This wife made a passive aggressive flow chart for every time her husband gets peckish

Top banana

In an attempt to scare her hubby, this lady decided to play a prank using a shed tarantula skin

Cheesed off

After calling his wife a ‘sandwich maker’, this husband was taught his lesson by his unrepentant other half

True love

This woman appears to have spent too many Valentine’s with her partner

Funny bone

After he bought a skeleton replica, this man’s wife left it like this for him to find

Kiss and make up

When you’re married to a make up artist, this is what happens when you fall asleep early

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