Huawei accused of manipulating British MPs in latest China power play


    Huawei has been the centre of controversy in the UK because of security concerns from Beijing surveillance. Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently made a major u-turn on allowing the company access to the UK’s future 5G networks. The change of heart from Mr Johnson came after GCHQ reassessed Huawei, and found the company to be a major risk to British intelligence.

    A new report titled China’s Elite Capture has emerged, accusing Huawei and the Chinese government of running a covert manipulation effort on MP’s and peers.

    The Telegraph reported that the allegations from the 86 page report include a claim that Huawei attempted to induce positive opinion of the company in senior political figures.

    The dossier, which was seen by the Daily Mail and has not been formally published, claims that politicians, academics, and other “elites” were targeted by the Chinese Communist Party to make them either “useful idiots” or “full-time agents”.

    Part of their plan to turn British officials is through Huawei, which the report alleges is “closely linked to the Chinese Communist Party and is instrumental in its plans to gain a greater say in global affairs”.

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    It goes on to allege that fake radio stations were set up with the aim of encouraging support of Huawei from UK politicians and others.

    The shows would host British ‘elites’ and convince them to support Huawei on the air in an effort to manipulate public opinion
    The report also claims that social media manipulation and email campaigns were used to change opinion.

    Another major accusation in the report is the claim that China had attempted to hack into a GCHQ-run centre in Banbury.

    This was allegedly to check on Huawei’s status and contributions to Britain’s 5G network.


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