How To Remove Graffiti From Brick, Glass And Wood – Here’s How To Get Rid Of The Paint From Your Home


GRAFFITI is the scourge of modern life, covering every inch of space in some place but even worse some people’s homes are targeted by spray can vandalism.

Should this happen to you this is how to rid the unsightly tags from your walls.

Alamy Some graffiti is of a high standard, but most resemble a toddler’s scribble with the ‘artist’ having a similar mental age

What do you need to remove graffiti from brick, glass or wood?

First thing you need to know is that you need to keep safe as solvents and cleaners you will be using are pretty potent and should be handled with care.

So you will need tough rubber gloves, safety glasses and a respirator.

Then to apply the solvent or cleaner you will need some cotton wool or a sponge along with paint brushes and rollers. Wire brush may be handy.

A power hose is required.

How to get rid of the graffiti?

First off test your cleaning fluid on the surface you wish to clean to make sure you will not damage it.

It may be the case you can clean with it soap and water.

Paint the solvent on the painted areas and leave it to soak in as recommended,

Preferably use a sponge.

But if that doesn’t work use a bit elbow grease and scrub it with a wire brush.

Then let loose with a power hose.

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