How Prince William and Kate Middleton are playing a key role in Brexit amid chaos


Prince William and Kate Middleton are the imperative “Brexit balm” attempting to smooth over UK relations with Europe amid the current indecisive turmoil over the country’s divorce from Europe, according to an expert. The royal couple, who are parents of three, have been hailed as integral peacemakers during their current and upcoming royal excursions. Royal biographer Robert Hardman has noted how the second-in-line to the throne, as well as the impact of his wife, has helped smooth things over. Currently, the UK has extended its departure date from the EU to at April 12 at the earliest, while Prime Minister Theresa May attempts to garner support for her Brexit divorce deal for the third time.

The UK chose to leave the EU in a milestone referendum in 2016 and, since then, William, 36, and Kate, 37, have stepped out at many royal engagements.

Talking of their impact in his new book, Queen of the World, Robert wrote: “The Foreign Office has also deployed both the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge as a sort of Brexit balm following the 2016 referendum vote to leave the European Union.

‘Them going to Europe has been a deliberate policy of saying: “We still want the closest possible ties with you,” says a senior Foreign Office figure.

“‘Brexit has come at a time when the UK is very divided.

“At least we have one focus of national unity.”

He added: “The fact we have a Royal Family which is popular is an extraordinary asset.

“It can reaffirm links and bonds and friendship in a non-political way.

“So, in a way, the monarchy has found itself with a new relevance.”

Meanwhile, when planning a royal excursion, Prince Harry’s brother must follow specific royal protocol.

It has been reported how the couple must have the Queen’s approval to travel with their children.

Prince William, and Prince George as his heir, are not officially allowed to travel together.

Yet they broke this rule when George travelled to Australia with them.

However, he will be forced to travel on his own from the age of 12.

The Queen also has to approve the couple’s Christmas plans.

This includes breaking traditions so they can spend part of the festive break with Kate’s family.


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