How Notre-Dame can be rebuilt, what was cause of fire and what happens next: Q&A


France woke up to the grim spectacle of Notre Dame standing without its spire and its roof in ruins on Tuesday morning.  Now, with the blaze under control and only a few patches of embers still glowing, the Herculean task of rebuilding the 85-year-old cathedral begins.

Will Notre Dame be rebuilt?

Speaking at the scene of the fire on Monday night, French president Emmanuel Macron vowed to restore Notre Dame to its former glory. 

“We’ll rebuild this cathedral all together and it’s undoubtedly part of the French destiny and the project we’ll have for the coming years,” he said. 

“That’s what the French expect [and] because it’s what our history deserves,” he added, his voice shaking with emotion, calling it a “terrible tragedy”.

Mr Macron appealed to the world for help in restoring the cathedral, as well as support from French citizens. There is likely to be an outpouring of donations from all around the world. 

It is feasible  that British experts in restoration may offer their services to France if they are needed in rebuilding cathedral structure. 


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