How Did Jack Webster Get Sepsis On Coronation Street, Will He Die And Is His Leg Going To Be Amputated?


JACK Webster will be left fighting for his life in Coronation Street when he contracts sepsis.

Here’s everything you need to know about his harrowing ordeal….

Dr Ali urges Sophie to ring an ambulance for Jack

How does Jack Webster get sepsis on Coronation Street?

Jack Webster contracts sepsis after grazing his knee while playing football with his half-sister Sophie.

He has been left with Sophie for the day and later feels unwell but she insists that he should go to school.

Jack is then sent home from school and Seb and Faye find him slumped on the stairs.

Luckily Ali spots them and urges them to get him help as quickly as possible.

Jack Webster is rushed to hospital after his condition worsens

Is Jack Webster going to die on Coronation Street?

Sophie takes Jack to the medical centre and is told he has a viral infection so she takes him home.

But when Ali stops by later to check on Jack he notices discolouration on his fingers and toes and calls an ambulance straight away.

The doctor at the hospital confirms to dad Kevin that Jack has sepsis and that the next 24 hours are crucial – will he survive the ordeal?

This isn’t the first time young Jack has had a near-death experience – he recently faced off to serial killer Pat Phelan and in 2015 Jenny kidnapped him.

Kevin Webster, right, is shocked when the doctor tells him Jack has sepsis

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