How barmy Brexit preppers are stockpiling dog food and chainsaws for an apocalyptic No Deal Doomsday that won’t actually happen


TOM Linden has a unique plan to survive in the event of an apocalyptic No Deal Brexit: drinking water from puddles and feasting on emergency dog food.

With the March 29 deadline looming, Tom, 62, is one of thousands of eccentric preppers refusing to take any chances by stockpiling supplies.

Tom Linden (left) is a survivalist and Brexit prepper

The sense of panic has been generated by Project Fear, a theory pushed by Remainers that if a deal isn’t struck, the UK will be plunged into an apocalyptic scenario, despite there being little evidence for this in reality.

Scaremongers have warned that under a No Deal Brexit, planes will be grounded and lorries barred from the continent resulting in not enough food and medicine to go around – yet these predictions have been debunked by EU chiefs who revealed scheduled flights and road traffic should be continue uninterrupted, even without an agreement in place.

Just like Armageddon survivalists in the US, these hoarding Brits are stashing large quantities of provisions, teaching themselves basic survival skills, learning to drink from puddles and canals and even planning to ward off any would-be looters with dangerous dogs and chainsaws.

The mass hysteria has even hit Mumsnet, where parents say they’ve been stockpiling clothes two sizes big for their kids, building up huge stores of Calpol and crocheting blankets in case the heating goes.

Cornwall mum Nevine Mann said she started stockpiling as soon as negotiations began and now has enough food to feed her family for four months.

Nevine Mann is one of many ordinary mums getting ready for Brexit by stockpiling

Drink from puddles, eat dog food and tree bark

Tom, 62, from North Yorkshire, who voted Leave, lives by the motto “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”.

He tells Sun Online: “The NHS, supermarkets, government and Army have started stockpiling, so it makes me wonder what they know that I don’t.”

Brexit prepping has become an growing trend on social media, with closed Facebook groups such as 48% preppers, Preppers UK S.H.T.F Brexit raw survival and UK Preppers and Survivalists attracting thousands of members keen to pick up tips.

Some comments are tongue-in-cheek while others are deadly serious.

Facebook users discuss food and fuel options in an imagined No Deal scenario
Some of the preppers outline what they might do to survive

And last month, a £300 Brexit ‘survival box’ made by the company Emergency Food Storage UK, which contain 60 freeze-dried meals, 48 portions of meat, a water filter and a firestarter, sold out online.

Ex-Army man Tom, who runs courses on how to survive through a nuclear apocalypse, has capitalised on these fears and is adding a Brexit survival element to his next training session, which runs two weeks after the 29 March deadline.

A company recently released a £300 Brexit survival box
SWNS:South West News Service

In it, he plans to share advice on how to deal with issues he thinks may arise following a No Deal Brexit, such as martial law and curfews which prevent people going out to get food and water.

“I’ve been inundated with calls from people asking me my tips for surviving Brexit,” he says.

“One of my main ones is don’t stockpile water – you need a gallon a day per person and that’s before needing it to flush the toilet.”

Instead, he already uses a £19.99 filter to collect water from puddles and canals, proudly announcing that he’s never been ill from it.

Tom runs courses on how to survive Brexageddon


Other things he suggests include using ceramic pot plants and fairy lights to create a makeshift heater, and turning dog food into dinner.

“If dog owners and their pets die, then dog food will be left, so it can be eaten in an emergency,” he says. “A lot of household objects are not edible due to containing plastics, although you can eat tree bark as long as you prepare it properly. In all honesty, you’re better off buying extra food whenever you go to the supermarket.”

‘Gangs of looters bring it on – I have a chainsaw’

Tom feels that in the event of a supposed Brexageddon, looting will be rife.

“Have you seen what happens in the Boxing Day sales when the doors are opened?” he says. “People will put their lives at risk, crushing and even getting run over to get something somebody else has.

“I would defend me and my family if somebody tried to break into my home. My stockpile is my survival, so I’d have to protect it.”

Ex-Army man Tom knows how to handle a gun – and would protect his stockpile

In one Facebook group, the Rambo wannabees have discussed what they would do if looters wielding axes and shovels came for them.

One of them suggested using specially-trained Akita dogs, a large breed with huge jaws that can be deadly to guard their homes and attack intruders on demand.

While another man, who worked in forestry wouldn’t hesitate to go all Jason Voorhees on a looter, saying he would protect himself using his chainsaw.

He wrote: “Gang? Bring it on. It’ll be like a regular work day – just a lot more messy.”

Some of the preppers say they will train Akita dogs, which have massive jaws, to protect their food

Fending off a Russian invasion

Another prepper, Glaswegian call centre worker Mark McLean, has spent over £200 building his survival stock up, including camping gear, army supplies and two axes.

Mark, who runs his own YouTube channel called Prophecy Prepper, previously told The Sun he’d taught himself how to hunt deer and catch squirrels, and plans to build a giant underground bunker and tunnel system to live in as he believes the Russians will invade following Brexit.

Glaswegian call centre worker Mark McLean has been collecting supplies including an axe
Tom Farmer – The Sun Glasgow

“Riots and public disorder is a guarantee with Brexit come March. It won’t be pretty for sometime I believe,” he says.

“If food and medical supplies are disrupted for longer than a week, that is when we will see it really kick off.”

Mark has spent over £2,000 hoarding food
Tom Farmer – The Sun Glasgow

Fears that power will go out after we leave the EU

Former midwife, Nevine from Cornwall said her and her husband’s cupboards are stocked with plenty of food, including 52 tins of beans, 16 cans of tuna, large tubs of mayonnaise, eight cans of chopped tomatoes and four packets of passata, as well as several large bags of rice, pasta and quinoa.

She appeared on  has installed a water tank, added solar panels and grown a vegetable patch.

She says on her blog she’s been considering alternatives to short shelf life products, been growing vegetables in the garden and thinking about less obvious items such as pet food, toilet roll and sanitary protection.

Mum Nevine has written about growing vegetables in her garden

Remainer Nevine says, “There is no denying that a no deal Brexit is going to be catastrophic – at the very least in the early stages, though probably for much, much longer.”

Mumsnet users are scaring each other into a frenzy, with one saying: “Don’t forget weapons! All very well making sure you have food, but the hungry, Brexit hoards will be battering down your door and taking all your stuff.”

Tom admits that much of this excessive preparation is driven by Project Fear scaremongering but ultimately urges everybody to try stashing away surplus goods.

He says: “Stockpiling is a win-win situation. If an apocalyptic Brexit doesn’t happen, you won’t have to buy any food for a while – but if it does then you are well-prepared for it.”


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