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House of Lords row erupts as Green Party peer claims it's 'MORE democratic' than Commons


The latest slew of 36 House of Lords nominations have sparked outrage over the institution’s lack of democratic process. Green Party peer Baroness Natalie Bennett stunned LBC’s Andrew Castle when she tried to claim that the Parliament chamber was actually “more demcratic” than the House of Commons. The former party leader hinted that reform in the British political system would help weed out the issues people see not only in the Lords, but in the House of Commons too.

Baroness Bennett told LBC: “On the bright side of the nominations, it utterly highlights how our current constitution is dysfunctional, outdated, undemocratic and arrived at through a huge number of historical accidents and it needs to change.

“There’s a growing drive around the country saying we need a constitution and a system that works.

“This announcement is only going to add to that.”

Mr Castle interjected: “Hold on a second, if it’s all of those things, you sit there.”

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The peer agreed: “Yes, and one of the first things I did is I went up to the bill office and tabled the House of Lords Elections and Reforms bill.

“That’s my private members bill that would ensure that everyone who had the vote in the House of Lords was elected by a proportional, fair system.

“What’s really strange about our current situation is that the House of Lords is actually more democratic than the Commons.

“In the Commons, the Government has 100 percent of the power having won 44 percent of the vote.”

Former Tory Chancellors Ken Clarke and Philip Hammond are among a list of 36 peerages announced by the Government.

England cricketer Sir Ian Botham, who attended pro-Brexit events alongside Boris Johnson, has been made a crossbench peer.

Former Labour MPs Kate Hoey, Frank Field, John Woodcock and Ian Austin – who rebelled against their party over the issue of Brexit – will also be handed peerages, sitting in the Lords as independents.

Boris Johnson’s brother, Jo, and Theresa May’s husband, Philip, have been gifted with the nominations as well.

None of the three names put forward by former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn – former Speaker John Bercow, former Labour deputy Tom Watson and ex-chief of staff Karie Murphy – appear on the list.


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