Holidays 2020: Simon Calder warns of hand sanitisers being confiscated at airports


    Holidays are already looking as though they could look very different. Photographs have already emerged from keen Britons on holiday in Spain showing new social distancing rules. From cordoned off beaches to miles of queues, holidays abroad could be less than enjoyable.

    He then explained that shops at the airport will be able to provide you with more hand sanitiser.

    He continued: “The 100ml rule has applied for the last fourteen years.

    “You can get plenty of sanitisers, I have got them, in 100ml sizes.

    “Actually, although almost nothing is open airside, whichever airport you’re at, if there is a well known high street chemist [there], that will be open and it will be able to sell you more if yours gets confiscated.”

    “It is just a matter of planning if you are expecting to be told what to do.

    “There’s lots of social distancing inside the terminals but of course once you get on the plane the airlines are desperate to sell every seat they can and so you’ll find yourself very close to other people.”

    Today marks the day that Britons will be able to fly to certain countries and from without facing quarantine rules.

    The UK government released a list of countries that Britons can holiday in without facing England’s stringent quarantine rules on their return.

    The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) no longer advises against travelling to a list of 66 destinations across the world.

    However, another list was released of 59 countries that can be visited by Britons who don’t need to self-isolate on their return.

    The lists marked the end of months of struggle for the travel and tourism industries who have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

    Some of the countries included on the lists include France, Italy and Spain.


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