Holidays 2020: Eurostar remains closed but new route is given the green light


    The Eurostar is a very popular mode of transport for Britons who want to travel overseas but avoid flying. The most popular routes go directly from the heart of London to France’s capital. Like most modes of transport, the Eurostar was forced to halt operations amid coronavirus as countries closed their borders and put a stop to overseas travel.

    “It will enable vital security and immigration checks to be carried out in the Netherlands, protecting the UK’s border and providing faster and more efficient journeys for passengers.”

    The Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps said that it’s important that international travel is supported.

    “As we begin to emerge from one of the greatest international challenges of our time, we’re working hard to support the recovery of international transport and tourism sectors,” he added.

    The Dutch State Secretary for infrastructure, Stientje van Veldhoven seemed pleased with the new route which will more “convenient”.

    He added: “The new direct train service enables us to travel from Amsterdam to London in just over four hours.

    “It’s fast and convenient, and without the hassle of disembarking in Brussels for border and security checks.”

    Mark Smith, the founder of the international rail travel website told The Independent: “This will finally allow Eurostar to compete on one of Europe’s busiest air routes.

    “The direct London to Amsterdam trains have already proved even more popular than Eurostar expected, and with room to move, free WiFi and city-centre arrival the fully bi-directional service is likely to take a significant share of that market.”

    It comes as the UK government announced this week that there are some people who are exempt from England’s stringent quarantine rules due to their jobs.

    The government website website reads: “In addition, the UK government will be making a small number of sector-specific exemptions to the border health measures as a result of the first review.

    “From July 7, 2020, certain transport workers who do not come into contact with passengers in the course of their journey to England will no longer be required to complete the passenger locator form.

    “This will help pilots, seafarers, and Eurostar and Eurotunnel drivers who make regular crossings without coming into contact with passengers.

    “There will also be additional exemptions for certain groups, including elite sportspersons and essential support staff returning to England or participating in certain elite sports events, and individuals coming to England to work on British film and television productions.”


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