Holidays 2019: Top budget-friendly city in the world revealed – where is it?


Holidaymakers looking to make a saving on a sun-soaked vacation this year can combine culture with cheapness on their city break. Jetting away, especially with a family in tow, can often prove hugely expensive. Some often abandon dreams of a getaway due to staggering prices but research by travel booking website,, has revealed the top three budget cities for a purse-friendly escape. Cairo in Egypt tops the list, closely followed by Mexico City and Antalya, in Turkey.

The company took into account meal prices, accommodation costs and transport fees for its latest findings.

It found a day in Egypt could be enjoyed for a grand sum of £42.38, which included the cost of a full day tour priced at £11.30 and the average price of transport at £4.19.

For this, travellers could explore the iconic Giza Pyramids, as well as the Khan El-Khalili marketplace.

The artefacts in the Egyptian museum date back 5,000 years, meaning lots of history can be learned for a relatively cheap price.

Travellers can buy a bottle of wine of just under £7, and coffee and beer for under £2.

What’s more, the average hotel room comes in at £13 and meals can be snapped up for an impressive £2.49 per person.

Reigo Eljas, Country Director UK & Ireland at, said: “You don’t always have to spend a lot of money to discover the world and many places can be explored and experienced for less than a night out in town.

“From blow out spending in Las Vegas at £21.88 an hour to more refined spending in Cairo at £1.77 every hour, our research reveals the best cities to visit for every type of holiday budget.”

Meanwhile, for those who don’t fancy their Pharaoh or pyramid fix, the survey pinpointed two more budget city breaks.

Mexico City, in Mexico, came second, with a meal and multiple drinks costing the average traveller £15.77.

Meanwhile Antalya, in Turkey, appears to offer a budget beach escape.

With a number of hotels lining the beaches, competition is high.

This means travellers can enjoy a room for an average of £11 a night.

Wine-lovers may well want to prioritise a trip to the destination, as a bottle can be snapped up for less than £5 – the cheapest of the three destinations.


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