Holidaymakers fleeced by high street stores like Boots and Superdrug over travel-sized toiletries


HOLIDAYMAKERS are being fleeced by high street giants over travel-sized toiletries.

A Sun investigation has uncovered scores of examples where leading stores such as Boots and Superdrug are using strict hand-luggage rules to pick the pocket of air passengers for extra cash.

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Shops are using hand-luggage rules limiting fliers to 100ml of items like and toothpaste to rip off punters[/caption]

Sky high prices are being charged for shrunken versions of popular items as customers are often reluctant to decant from larger bottles.

Our findings come as millions of Brits prepare to jet off on their summer holidays abroad.

At Boots, for example travellers can buy a 20ml tube of Boots Smile toothpaste for 75p, but just yards away the same product in a 100ml size is on sale for just £1.

That’s a mark up of around 275 per cent (Check my maths -100ml divided by 20ml = 5 x 75p = £3.75).

Security limits us to 100ml of shampoo, toothpaste and other toiletries in our hand luggage.

We found a series of other miniature travel-sized items on sale at significantly higher prices than larger containers still within the 100ml limit.

Again at Boots a 75ml can of Gillette Series sensitive Shave gel is on sale for £1.79, highlighted in a display of “travel essentials” products.


20ml tube of Boots Smile toothpaste costs 75p[/caption]

While the 100ml size version of the same toothpaste is just 25p more but five times bigger

But a similar 75ml can of Gillette Mach 3 Extra Comfort Shaving Gel can be bought in another part of the same store for just £1.49 – a 30p saving.

Similarly, at Superdrug at 25ml dispenser of Nivea Pearl & Beauty deodorant is on sale at £1.50 while just a few aisles away you can buy a 50ml container of the same product for just £1.03 – a saving of almost a third.

The story was the same at Wilko where we found a miniature 25ml tube of Colgate Max Fresh on sale for £1.25.

A 75ml tube of the same product is on sale on the next aisle for just £1.10 – a saving of 15p on an item containing three times the toothpaste.

The budget retailer is also selling a 75ml container of Dove Invisible Dry (spray) for £1.75 alongside other travel-sized products – while a similar 50ml Dove Invisible Care Roll On version of the same deodorant was on sale for just a £1 within the same store.

Martyn James, of consumer website Resolver, urged holidaymakers to plan ahead to avoid paying for expensive miniatures.

He said: “Depressingly, it is becoming even more expensive to buy your toiletries airside at high street retailers than it was a few years ago.

The smaller 25ml version can sometimes be even more expensive than a 75ml version

Emma Coulthurst, travel commentator from TravelSupermarket

“This cynical fleecing of cash strapped holidaymakers is outrageous and exploits the security rules shamelessly. How can it be that you pay more for less?”

Emma Coulthurst, travel commentator from holiday price comparison site, TravelSupermarket, added: “Avoiding the cost of checked-in bags and travelling with only hand luggage is a great way to save money and travel lighter.

“But, at times poor holidaymakers may be surprised to learn how much more per millilitre they are paying for that 25ml tube of toothpaste which they’ve grabbed airside or on the high street.

“The smaller 25ml version can sometimes be even more expensive than a 75ml version.

“If you are only away for a couple of days, you can avoid those premium prices by buying reusable miniature bottles and decanting your shampoo, conditioner and shower gel into them.

“This keeps you travelling light and leaves more room in the required sealable plastic bag for some everyday priced products (which you’ve hopefully already saved money on by buying as a three for two deal) such as your 75ml tube of toothpaste; just make sure you’ve used it before you go so you can squeeze it down”.

A spokeswoman for Boots said: “Minis are a great way to try a product for the first time. Our customers also love the convenience of our travel-sized toiletries as they save space and weight in luggage. We also sell reusable miniature bottles for customers who prefer to decant their own products.

Superdrug is selling this 50ml deodorant for just £1.03[/caption]

While the 25ml version is 47p more expensive despite being half the size

“The manufacturing of travel-sized toiletries is different to full sized products and we work closely with our suppliers to minimise the cost. We want to offer our customers affordable products and regularly have great offers including 3 for 2.”

A spokeswoman for Superdrug added: “Our aim is to offer our customers a wide choice of convenient products and we currently have a 3 for £3 promotional offer across travel-sized products to give our customers better value.

“We also offer a wide range of empty bottles and jars for those who want to decant products from larger packs. ”

A spokeswoman for Wilko said: “Wilko aims to free up hard working families to be the best they can be, which means looking after their hard earned cash, giving them the best choice of products at the best prices.

“We offer a great range of products in different styles, sizes and formats to give our customers the most flexibility and choice. Many people prefer the option of taking miniatures on holiday as they save space, are light weight in luggage and mean you don’t have to pay for hold baggage.

“Plus, we also sell reusable empty miniature bottles should customers prefer to decant their own products.

“We work closely with our suppliers to ensure we minimise the costs of manufacturing and this is reflected in the price of the products we sell.

“To provide our customers with even further value, we offer stay low prices on many products in our holiday range including sun cream as well as permanent three products for the price of two offer.”


A spokeswoman for Boots said miniatures are the perfect way to try a product before buying the full-sized version[/caption]


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