Holiday parks: How one UK holiday park went above and beyond during coronavirus lockdown

Holiday parks and campsites are experiencing a surge in interest this summer. British beauty spots have become the obvious choice for UK holidaymakers seeking a quick break away from home. The coronavirus pandemic, which left many people stuck at home for months, has made many people appreciate the generosity and kindness of local communities and businesses.

And holiday parks are just one way in which people can put their own money back into the UK economy and support local communities.

One holiday park in particular went above and beyond during the coronavirus lockdown.

Lovat Parks is an affordable yet luxurious British holiday park company that worked hard during lockdown to offer local communities help and support.

The company offered communities help across Cornwall, Kent, Norfolk, Suffolk and Wiltshire where their parks are based.

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“And so, we’ve done a lot and we’re really proud of that. We hope that we have been helpful.”

Fraser then explained some of the ways Lovat Parks has helped the local community during the coronavirus pandemic.

“On our Cornish parks, in Sun Haven, I wrote to the council and said you can have the park for key workers to self-isolate for free.

“At Sun Haven and Padstow, we supported local farmers by buying local produce and then donating it for free to key workers so that they had fresh fruit and vegetables.

“We’ve housed key workers for free on our park in Kent.

“And then we’ve donated food to local food banks across the parks. Particularly at our park in the New Forest.

“And we’ve just stayed in touch and reached out to Parish Councils and said, ‘How can we help you?’”

Mr Fraser focussed on local initiatives as he felt that sometimes they get “overlooked” by the bigger charities.

He continued: “In Kent as well, we supported local farmers. We donated to about ten different local charities.

“We did the same in Norfolk supporting local farmers.

“It’s been really lovely to get the teams involved in that.

“I encouraged all of them to sign up as NHS volunteers. And I think the majority of the company did.

“It’s been really lovely hearing some of the work people have been doing.”


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