Hit-and-run driver says victim left clinging to bonnet ‘had it coming’ after he’s chased by biker


THIS is the moment a suspected hit-and-driver says a victim left desperately clinging to his car bonnet “had it coming”.

Dramatic footage filmed by a motorcyclist shows a man holding on to a Mercedes as it travels on the A4 near Brentford, West London.

A man had to desperately cling on to the Mercedes on the A4 near Brentford
The driver of the car said the man “had it coming” after the incident

He quickly sped after the silver vehicle and managed to catch up with the driver further down the road.

The man must have fallen off his car as he was no where to be seen when he cofnronted the motorist.

But he was told that the man had “got what was coming to him” after he was “being a d***head”.

The motorcyclist told him: “Yo man, you hit that guy, you know that, right?

But the driver replied: “I don’t care. He was trying to block of the road, being a d***head, a***hole, being a pr***.

“So he got what was coming to him.”

He later said he was “G, bruv” after being told he had to be “careful” by the man on the bike.

The motorist drove off after being told: “There’s people after you, you know that, right?”

The victim was taken to hospital but discharged following a check up.

Cops confirmed they are aware of the incident and are investigating. No arrests have been made.

The man was holding on to the car’s bonnet

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