Hilarious gallery of health and safety fails reveal disasters waiting to happen


A HILARIOUS gallery of health and safety fails reveal disasters waiting to happen.

Whether it’s using plastic bags instead of safety goggles, ladders balanced on ladders, or forklifts for car jacks, every image shows a situation poised to go south.

In the bag

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We worry he’s going to stop breathing…[/caption]

The cones make all the difference

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I find this set up unpalatable[/caption]

Just keep throwing more ladders at it

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These guys skipped a step[/caption]


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This game of extreme Jenga poses a threat to every motorist nearby[/caption]

Watt were they thinking?

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This does not qualify as a light-bulb moment[/caption]

This guy must be trolleyed

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Poor trolleys – they’re always getting pushed around, now they’re just being trodden on[/caption]

This guy’s head for a lot of ups and downs

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We’ve heard of footing a ladder, but never trucking one[/caption]

Books will heighten your thinking

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This idea speaks volumes about her safety training[/caption]

Hold on lads

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I don’t know what kind of pipe these guys were smoking[/caption]

Not a great pickup line

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We’re not sure this thing has the towing power[/caption]

This will shore-ly go wrong

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It’s time to invest in a new pair of doors[/caption]

Luckily there are crash mats below him

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The wall is designed for safe climbing![/caption]

High potential for a balls up

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For fork sake

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I wouldn’t go under that car[/caption]

Taking the p**s

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They have a high opinion of men’s aims[/caption]

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