High blood pressure: Drink this vegetable juice daily to help lower your reading


High blood pressure, also referred to as hypertension, can often go undiagnosed because symptoms don’t always develop. The only sure way to find out if you have the condition is to have your blood pressure regularly checked by your GP. If high blood pressure is left untreated it can lead to more serious health problems like heart attack and stroke. So what can you do to prevent the condition or lower a high reading?

Hypertension can be caused by smoking, regularly drinking large amounts of alcohol and lack of exercise.

What you eat can also have a negative impact on your blood pressure.

The NHS recommends you eat a well-balanced and healthy diet and to watch your salt intake.

Salt raises blood pressure, so the more you eat, the higher your blood pressure.

It advises: “Aim to eat less than 6g of salt a day, which is about a teaspoonful.”

As part of a healthy diet and to lower blood pressure, experts recommend drinking carrot juice.

Carrots of great source of potassium – a mineral which helps to lower blood pressure.

Blood Pressure UK explains: “Potassium is a key mineral that the body relies on heavily to function properly.

“It helps to lower blood pressure by balancing out the negative effects of salt.

“Your kidneys help to control your blood pressure by controlling the amount of fluid stored in your body. The more fluid, the higher your blood pressure.

“Eating salt raises the amount of sodium in your bloodstream and wrecks the delicate balance, reducing the ability of your kidneys to remove the water.

“By eating more fruit and vegetables, you will increase your potassium levels and help to restore the delicate balance.”

A half cup serving of chopped carrot cam contain 1.8g of fibre and 105mg of potassium.

But experts also recommend getting your daily intake of high blood pressure-lowering carrot in juice form.

Another juice which has been found to have blood pressure-lowering properties is pomegranate juice. 

In a 2013 study, people with hypertension were found to have a significant reduction in blood pressure after consuming five ounces (150ml) of pomegranate juice daily for two weeks.

Another study, (‘The effects of pomegranate juice consumption on blood pressure and cardiovascular health’) found similar effects, especially for systolic blood pressure – the high number in blood pressure readings.


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