Hen party guest emails other women bizarre list of ‘rules’ – banning them from having sex and drinking


LAS Vegas is the destination of choice for many a hen do, with Sin City being the perfect place to party hard without restrictions – unless you’re this wedding guest, that is.

The mystery woman not only badgered her way into the hen outing she wasn’t invited to, but ensured it would be totally fun free as well by creating a bizarre list of rules for everyone to follow.

The woman ensured it would be totally fun free as well by creating a bizarre list of rules

Sharing the story on Imgur, one of the fellow hens explained that 17 women were heading out to celebrate in style with the bride-to-be, known as Emma.

The group of bridesmaids and close friends didn’t originally include ‘Taylor’, who wasn’t even invited to the wedding – until she contacted the bride asking where her invitation was.

“When Emma explained that Taylor wasn’t invited, she lost it and started this smear campaign against the bride, saying she’d betrayed their bond as we all went to college together.

“Emma caved and extended an invitation to the wedding, but about a month ago, Taylor threw another fit because she wasn’t invited to the bachelorette party.

One of the fellow hens explained that ‘Taylor’ had enforced rules over everyone else

“There was a big debate over it, but ultimately we decided to invite her as what’s the worst that could happen? Well, she sent us this list of rules for us to follow in Vegas.”

Taylor, explaining in the email she is very religious and would like to ‘keep everyone out of trouble’, made a list of six things she was keen for everyone to follow, to ‘uphold the moral code’.

She wrote: “No hard liquor in the hotel room – I don’t want people getting inebriated, and I don’t want to be tempted by those foul drinks. So please stick to beers and red wines.
“There will be no sex taking place in our hotel rooms – and please don’t invite random men back to the suite. I do not see a need for them to be there.”

Taylor, who was not the bride, made a list of six things she was keen for everyone to follow

The hen party guest also asked each of the women to send her £40 so she could deck out the room with healthy groceries – and to contribute for Uber fairs to and from a Vegas church.

“But absolutely under no circumstances, no drugs,” she added. “Half of your currently work in positions that require security clearances so do not be tempted.

“Drugs bring nothing but problems,” she concluded, even asking one of the fellow party goers to leave their prescription medication at home as there would be ‘no need’ for it.

And while many will agree that drinking too much, doing drugs and meeting with strangers for sex can be a little unsafe – thousands of people responded calling Taylor a ‘kill joy’.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, if you get to do anything fun that is
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One woman joked: “That’s when the bridal party changed the week they’re going and didn’t tell her.”

“Change of plans – uninvite her,” another added. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!”

A third agreed: “No way that she FOUGHT to get herself invited and then is trying to make everyone conform to the things SHE wants.”

While others thought the email could be just one big joke: “I hope this is a joke being played by the ‘party girl’ of the group – that would be a lot funnier.”

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