Heartbreaking image of a blood-soaked woman at the shops in Afghanistan among World Press Photo of the Year winners


A SHOCKING image of a woman covered in blood after a horrific bomb attack in Afghanistan was one of the standout entries at the World Press Photo of the Year awards.

Many of the moving pictures captured just how harsh life can be on our planet – including the winning entry by John Moore of a young Honduran child in tears at the US-Mexico border.

Andrew Quilty

This incredible picture of a woman covered in blood in Kabul was one of the star entries at the photographic awards[/caption]

John Moore, Getty Images

This photo of the heartbreaking moment a two-year-old cries as her mother is detained near the US-Mexico border was the winner[/caption]

Brent Stirton / Getty Images

This startling image of an elite conservation ranger on patrol in Zimbabwe was one of the other finalists[/caption]

Terrell Groggins

Olympic champion Claressa Shields (right) smashes Hanna Gabriels in a boxing match in Detroit, Michigan[/caption]

Catalina Martin-Chico / Panos

A young couple in colourful surroundings are captured in their temporary camp home in Colombia[/caption]


A child lying on a mattress surrounded by a garbage patch floating on the Pasig River in Manila, Philippines[/caption]

Elif Ozturk, Anadolu Agency

Wrestlers grease up before a match at the Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling Festival, in Sarayiçi, Turkey[/caption]

Bence Máté

Frogs with their legs severed by locals and surrounded by spawn struggle to the surface in Romania[/caption]

Forough Alaei

Female football fans watch Iran’s Perspolis football club in action during the AFC Championship League[/caption]

Ingo Arndt, for National Geographic

The moment a puma tries to take down a full-grown female llama on the Torres del Paine, Chile[/caption]

Bénédicte Kurzen, Noor and Sanne de Wilde, Noor

This complex and colourful photograph taken in rural Nigeria aims to portray dual personalities[/caption]


A supporter of Martin Fayulu, leader of an opposition party, runs from police tear gas in Kinshasa, DRC[/caption]

Brent Stirton, Getty Images for National Geographic

A wild Saker Falcon mother and her chicks high over the steppe of Central Mongolia[/caption]

Chris McGrath / Getty Images

An official tries to hold back the press following the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul[/caption]

Bénédicte Kurzen, Noor and Sanne de Wilde, Noor

Two women stand on a mound before a church service in Igbo-Ora, Nigeria in this incredibly lit entry[/caption]

Ingo Arndt, for National Geographic

Year-old puma cubs feed from the remains of an adult guanaco, in Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile[/caption]


Jungle troops hunting down Ugandan Islamists in the Democratic Republic of the Congo[/caption]

Brent Stirton, Getty Images for National Geographic

A falcon hunting camp in the deserts outside sprawling Abu Dhabi, in the UAE[/caption]

Photo by Lorenzo Tugnoli/ The Washington Post/ Contrasto

A young child gasps for air in the Intensive Care Unit of the al-Sadaqa Hospital, in Yemen[/caption]

©Nadia Shira Cohen

A family slaughter a pig at a Mennonite camp in Mexico to mark the arrival of the ‘small moon’[/caption]


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