Harry Potter obsessed bride shows off her Slytherin-themed engagement ring, and fans are going crazy for it


A HARRY Potter fan has shared her delight at her boyfriend popping the question with a ring inspired by the J.K. Rowling series.

The ‘Potterhead’ couldn’t wait to show off the snake-themed jewellery, designed with Hogwarts house Slytherin in mind.

My Slytherin engagement ring! from harrypotter


A picture posted by the bride of the sparkler to Reddit has since gone viral, as hundreds of other film fans have gushed over it.

Describing it as ‘the dream’, the newly-engaged woman added that serpents are also ‘an ancient Roman symbol for everlasting love’, making it even more appropriate.

Shaped like a snake, the unique ring was created by customised diamond jewellery maker Glamira in the style ‘Esme‘, which will set you back £787.

While green gemstones feature along the serpent’s back, as homage to Slytherin, the ring can also be made to have blue or red diamonds in its place.

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The quirky ring racked up more than 15,000 ‘up votes’, similar to likes, and found itself on the websites homepage for thousands to see.

Many fans took to the comments to share their love for design, with some even hinting they’d like the same engagement ring in the future.

“I am in love with this ring,” wrote one. “I hope when I get married my fiance also gives me a Harry Potter themed ring.”

While another joked: “Why has no one said yet that this is the Slythering?”, with someone else agreeing: “Could call this a Slytheringagement ring!”

“If there’s a Ravenclaw version for it I’m in,” said one woman. “Imagine a giant glittery eagle ring perched on someone’s finger! But this is really beautiful.”

A fourth concurred: “Merlin’s beard! That is one stunning right. I bet this gets you an invitation into the Slug Club.”

In other news, Harry Potter fans went wild after a bride-to-be showed off her Hogwarts themed engagement ring.



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