Harry and Meghan ‘unlike’ Kate and William: ‘Strong individuals bonded by a romantic love'


This may suit Meghan and Harry, who are very different to Kate and William, according to a body language expert.

Judi James said: “They are more ‘Hollywood’ while William and Kate are pure ‘Windsor’.”

She has revealed the ways in which the Sussex’s are different the Cambridge’s.

“Harry and Meghan have been far more giving with their body language rituals and hopefully the risk is worth it long-term as it has attracted far more public and press interest,” Judi James said.

“Harry has always been more relaxed and spontaneous than William and Meghan is clearly a glorious force of nature in terms of her campaigns, her passionate speeches and her very open and tactile approach to both her husband and her fans.”

She claims the ways in which the couples met is the grounds for their differences.

“Unlike William and Kate they met as ‘grown ups’ and we’re seeing the body language of two quite different and rather strong individuals bonded by a very romantic form of love,” Judi added.

“There is little mirroring from the couple, but lots of signs of open affection between them in public and here they are still adopting the intense posing rituals that they used when they announced their engagement.”

Speaking about when Meghan joined Harry on stage at a recent event, she said: “Joining Harry on stage, Meghan happily nestled up against Harry, flashing him an intimate look of love.

“Their hands are tightly clasped with meshed fingers and Meghan places a hand on Harry’s lower arm to signal strong attachment.

“She also uses her signature bump-touching ritual, with the overall message seeming to be one of openly sharing every aspect of her joy with her audience.”

Judi also recently revealed how Prince William and Kate Middleton avoid looking like Charles and Diana in public. 

Body language expert Judi James said: “William and Kate eye their destiny as future King and Queen.”

As such, she claimed their body language has an air or formality, and the two seen keen not to repeat mistakes of the past.

“These most recent poses show them engaging together with each other and with the crowds but without creating any form of plot narrative.”


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